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You can easily and directly download the books on your phones with or without joining the channel!


Folowing are some of the books which are already available on the channel while we keep uploading new ones very often;


1) Qur'an -Mushaf


2) Do Not Fear them!

By Shaikh Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi


3) Constants in the Path of Jihad

By Shaikh Yusuf Uyayri RH


4) Jihad and its divisions

A small, around 10 page book, with great benefit for brothers new to information on Jihad

Shaikh Yusuf Uyayri RH


5) Practical Steps to free Palestine

A 9 page Transcription of an Audio tape released by the Lion of the Ummah as we consider by Sheikh Usamah Ibn Laden RH.


6) How to Survive in the West

Mujahideen guide. Very beneficial in sha Allah for those living in Dar al kufr. Do have a read and have the potential inspiration to become an individual Jihadi leader... You need these ideas and knowledge!


7) Proceed and do not hurry!

A beautiful book where shaikh explains 1 hadith in around a 100 pages...The author, Shaikh Atiyatullah Libi RH is also known as the Ex Mufti of AlQaeda


8) Can Makkah become Dar al Harb?

A short 13 page book, explaining an important question...Can there be kufr back in Makkah? How do we deal with it? Etc -Shaikh Abu Basir Tartusi


9)Definition of the word 'Jihad'

Beautiful concise reply to all thos moderates, modernists etc who try to change the meaning of 'Jihad'...

-Transcription of the words of 'Martyr of Dawah', Shaikh Anwar Awlaqi RH


10) Soon I will teach you how to hunt Hawks

A letter from the esteemed Shaikh Abu Muhammed Al Maqdisi addressing his son, On some memories of Ramadan while in Prison! Advices we all can benefit from!


11) In the Line of Victory!

An excellent English book released documenting the story, of an Engineer who worked for Taliban and helped in producing some of the most terrifying anti enemy weapons with such easy methods

Inspiring ideas and story for the Muslims who want to help in Jihaad!


12) Dust will Never Settle Down

One of the Classic talks of Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RH transcribed...

It talks about an extremely important topic today: About Our obligation on the One's who insult the beloved Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him...

With all the insults and cartoons going on today, This is a must know topic and many modernist scholars hide these narrations etc mentioned here!


13) And If they had intended to March Out

Small Inspirational article by a brother, Lot of ayahs used direct from the Qurans interpretations... What better inspiration than the words of Allah...


14) Ruling on Demonstrations

A Fatwa reportedly by the Imprisoned Shaikh, Nasser al Fahd ,May Allah free him!

Anyone want to start some protests or go against it, check this out!


15) Opinion of Shaikh Ali al Khudair on Usamah Bin Laden RH

The esteemed shaikh Ali al Khudair , One of the most reputed scholars in Jazeerat Arab (Saudi) replies about Shaikh Usama Bin Laden RH

16) 17 Rules of Dream Interpretation

Transcription of Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RHs talk on Dream intrpretation...

Excellent briefing to how to interpret dreams and how sometimes dreams have so important meanings...


17) The Lofty Mountain

This book is about a person the legendary Shaikh Abdullah Azzam RH called as the Lofty Mountain... An excellent biography written by the Shaikh about Shaikh Tamim Adnani and his efforts in helping the Muslim Ummah in Afghanistan and those times

Youd love the personality of Shaikh Tamim Adnani if you read abt him in sha Allah, A true inspiration


18) Act Gently with Women!

For the Ones thinking why would this be important, Well maybe the name of the Author would convince you to read it...

Shaikh Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi! Yes One of the Main Alqaeda ideologue!


19) Understanding the Quran

An Important talk by the Known Shaikh Anwar Awlaqi RH on the importance or uses or ways or necessity of Understanding the Quran!

If you think Arabic isnt important in life, Youd probably be surpirsed when you hear this talk!


20) Method of Establishing the Caliphate

Heres a short and extremly enlightning article by the Known Shaikh,Anwar Awlaqi RH on an important issue

How do we revive the Khilafa?, Only Dawah?, Or conferences or Meetings, Or secret infiltrations in other govts? or Jihad?


21) Signs of AlRahman in Afghan War!

An absolutely amazing book for some1 who wants to see the Miracles of the Mujahideen and Shuhadaa...Shaikh Abdullah Azzam RH gives you the stories he himself heard of ...


22) Who Will Support the Scientist Afia Siddique

The Leader of Alqaeda, Shaikh Ayman al Zawahiri gives a very short message abt supporting the Muslim sister, Afia siddique unjustly imprisoned in the jails of the Crusadors...


23) Condemnation of the Democratic Process Voting and Islamic stances on these Issues

Answering the Questions especially for Al Tibyan Publications, - Shaikh Abu Qatada


24) How can you Outdo the Scholars

Shaikh Khalid Husainan RH, The beloved Shaikh whos known for His talk addressd to Obama from Afghanistan or Wasiristan I believe.

A beautiful 23 page book, From a person who acts his knowldge apparently, Allah knows best!


25) Inspire Magazine

The first version of an inspiring magazine published by the Mujahideen in Yemen...It literally inspires!


26) Security and Intelligence Course

Short book on Security tips to be used in guirella warfare, Mujahideen groups in the Darul kufur etc


27) Sealed Nectar

Must read Book on biography of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which gives us idea of how his life was about.

It was honored by the World Muslim League as first prize winner book.



28) Ibn Taymiyyahs daily Routine

Sorry this isnt a pdf version, but It seems this From the Tibyan Publication Forums... A tiny and good read though..May Allah swt make it of benefit to all



29) Democracy A religion

A monumental book which basically destroys the Muslim groups approaches that involve themselvs in Democracy with the argument of reviving Islam or being in State of Weakness

Anyone holding posts or part of groups or part of the democratic system, a MUST read! ...-Shaikh Abu Muhammed Maqdisi


30) The Islamic View Of Jesus

Forward to all Christians you know! Just deliver the Message once and try!

DawahBook which is compiled from the works of one of our Pious Predecessors Ibn Kathir rh which can be handed over to Christians for Dawah.


31) Way to Get Sharia

Shaikh Abu Hamza Masri , Explains in great detail and in various different topics that benefit any reader in sha Allah and side to side explain how Sharia can be revived

Must read for the brothers who want to work for the deen somehow and dont know where to start!


32) Ibn Taymiyyahs daily Routine

Sorry this isnt a pdf version, but It seems this From the Tibyan Publication Forums... A tiny and good read though..May Allah swt make it of benefit to all


33) Lessons from the Companions Living as a Minority

Do you live in a situation of weakness or minorty, Or in a place where you have no proper Muslim govt to support you, Rather you may be scared to talk abt your deen...?

Then here is a great small lesson transcribed extracting the lessons from the lives of the Companions as a minority...


34) A Message to Every Youth

From Sheikh Abdullah Azzam rh which gave a great message to the youth.
Ther are many books which is mentioned in the last pages of this book which is recommended to read.



35) Ruling on Participating in Elections and Parliaments

I know you may have seen these rulings from many Shuyukh... But many are pressured by govt or accept making compromises on deen, Here's a Fatwa from the Shaikh Ali al Khudair who stood face to face in front of tyrants with his knowldge (kama nahsabu).



36)  Suicide or Martyrdom

A Short article taken from the Shaikh of the youth, Shaikh Anwar al Awlaqi RH's blog

Beneficial explanation taken from an incident mwntioned regarding Salahuddin RH


37) Islam is our citizenship

Are you Paki, or Brit, or Somali ..or A Muslim only

A 4 Page document reportedly from the Sharia Council of the Mujahideen in the land of the 2 Rivers


38)Defence of Muslim Lands


Famous book from Sh. Abdullah Azzam rh talking the conditions when Jihad becomes individual Obligation and the importance of defending the Muslim lands.

Must Read for All Muslims



39) Balancing between Negligence and Paranoia

Let me write the books name in a simpler way,
Balancing between being careful and being too scared....

A small 23 page book by the famous shaikh, Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi... A good read for ppl staying in Dar al Kufr!



40) Burning of Quran in Kabul

A 5 page document relaying the message of the Leader of AlQaeda, Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri, on the burning of the Quran by the Crusadors in Afghanistan!




41) Saudi State & Position of Bin Baaz rh and Ibn Uthaymeen RH

Shaikh Maqdisi, Explains the position of BinBaaz and Uthaymeen RH on the Saudi state... For us names of scholars arnt the important thing, the one closer to the Quran and Sunnah is more important = )




42) Mujahideen's Poison Handbook

Knowledge isnt wrong in Sharia law, Learning to defend yourself in a cruel society who are completly antiIslamic could even be a great Obligation

So heres somthing you should learn. especially the Nicotine that can easily made by cigarettes...Dont worry, learning to defen urself is completely legal and law abiding in the Sharia law in sha Allah...So dun wrry abt manmade laws!


43) Difference between Tawalli and alMuwalaat

For the students of Knowledge whov studied Nullifiers of Islam, this might be a confusing topic to you...
So heres a small document explaining the difference of Tawalli and Muwalaat

-Shaikh Ali al Khudair



44) Ruling on taking kafir citizenship forcedfuly

Shaikh Hamood Shuaybi RH, the Shaikh of Ibn Uthaymeen RH gives fatwa on taking kafir citizenships under compulsion

Shaikh Hamood Shuaybi for those who dont know is a giant in terms of knowledge as we consider...



45) Inspire 2

From long time we dont have enough access to our Mujahideen bros to know if they r truly Extremists and crazy people who kill children.

So heres is The Second edition of the Magazine of the Mujahideen in Yemen to answer your doubts in sha Allah

Here you can get answers and their viewpoint from their own scholars and Media.So a must read for every truth seeker regarding the Mujahideen




46) The Beard Between the Salaf and the Khalaf

Still have people thinking beards just a sunnah and can be left without sin?

Well heres an amazing book that shows you so many proofs on How important the beard is...

Must read for the Gillette boys




47) Key to attain Khushu' in Prayer

Shaikh Khalid Husainan, the Mujahid shaikh who fought the Americans in Afghanistanm gives some tips to get Khushu3 in prayer!

Read it and feel connected while praying to Allah swt




48) Dried Dates Idol of Democracy

The apparent Worlds Most wanted man's speech on Idol of democracy...

Is democracy an idol? How? Why do Muslims disbelieve in it? Why does Alqaeda fight it?

A 9 page speech transcribed..Beneficial for the truth seekers


49) Rejecting Taghut and Belief in Allah

Anyone knows what means disbelief in Taghut? How do we disbelieve in it?

An Extremely important topic by Shaikh Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi



50) Man made Law

Busy working and earning salaries in todays govts, or banks, or courts etc...Well which law do they follow? Whats the ruling kf these laws...Is it Shirk...Can v fall into Shirk and not know of it

A very very important book for todays times for evry person living outside Dar al Islam...

Read and share the knowledge, You never know which click of share cud get you the reward to enter jannah



51) General Guidance for Jihad

Advices from Sh. Ayman Al Dhawahiri regarding how to make up startergy of Mujahideen both in Military level and in Media level

This article give you an idea where all our attacks should be focused.

He asked Mujahideen to not target homes,places of worship,religious festivals and religious gatherings of the deviant sects like Rawafidh, Ismailis, Qadianis, etc

And more...


52) The Giant Man

A small book of a giant man

Who knows Mullah Umers RH actions, bravery, courage, determination and efforts from bros who actually know him rather than the Disbelieving media..

Heres a great chance to get to know th exLeader of Taliban, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


53) Comment from a Muslim in India

Literally a comment...A small article from Anwar Awlaki rhs blog

For the Ppl in the Indian Subcontinent



54) To the slave of the Cross

An Excellent 28 page book written by the famous known Shaikh, Abu Muhammed Maqdisi to the Pope...

"Your house is made of glass so dont throw stones at us..."



55) A Message to European people

Why is this Mssage important?

Cuz its from probably the most feared and most beloved man in our times...Shaikh Osama Bin Laden RH OBL!

Do read O people in Europe!



56) Jihad is based on Taqwa" Shaykh Abdullah Azzam, rahimahullah

Obstacles in Jihad "Ungrateful and impatient brothers in the ranks of the Mujahideen"

& MANY more stories to read about mujahideen mjahdat muhajreen muhajraat


57) Hijra for the sake of Allah

"One Hijrah is the Hijrah that is mandatory on everyone, all the time...."

Familiar with Salah, fasting, Hajj etc...So whats this worship called Hijrah?, When does it become fard like prayer? Are you today required to do Hijrah?

Do read an excellent lecture by shaikh Anwar Al Awlaki RH



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58) Legitimacy left for the Arab Armies?

You notice these armies capable to fight and defend Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Burma, Chechnya etc etc etc from the Mushrikeen and Agents, and yet do nothing...

Whats their ruling, Should we respect them

The Mujahideen Media, Andalus Media reportedly clarifies some important points regarding them!




59) Scales of Allah!

When you think this is correct or wrong or think what this group or ex group did right or wrong ...Who do you compare with,...When you see a king or a Muslim perform somthing good worldy , which scale do you compare it with??

For eg. Organisation xyz could say they do good and are Muslims and organisation abc could say the same...How do you know whats right and how right it is?

And excellent book from the legendary Shaikh Abdullah Azzam RH for these times of relative confusion !




60) Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal: Treatise on Prayer

1 of the classics of the imams of 1 of the madhhabs, Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbals treatise on prayer...Short book and some very beneficial points to learn!

Students of knowledge, heres a good grab!



61) Biography of Shaikh Abdullah Azzam RH

Short, upto point, and inspirational..Known as the reviver of fiqh of Jihad of our times... 5 pages only

Excellent read bros!


62) Saheeh jami - Selected ahadith

Extremely beneficial book

Some important and very beneficial saheeh ahadith beautifully arranged in 16 pages

Shaikh Albani RH is the 1 who verified and rechose them...

Share it ...Benficial for all in sha Allah and share the ajr




63) Lofty Virtues of Ibn Taymiyyah RH

A book describing some aspects, miracles and other virtues of "Shaikh al Islam", Ibn Taymiyyah RH

Youd perhaps be surprised by his miracles !


64) Tajweed

Want to improve / make your Quran recitition and pronounciation of words like how it actually should be?

22 page tajweed book above to help you with!



65) 33 ways of developing Khushu3 in Salah

Well youd probably read this if you sincerely are looking for ways to connect to Allah btter in Salah, Unless you know them already perhaps

Shaikh Salih Munajjid ('s head)




66) Lands in Islam - Divisions (Dar Islam / Kufr etc)

You live in a Muslim country, or islamic, or Dar kufr or Islam or tc? How do you know th ruling of your land??

Shaikh Bishr ibn Bishr RH, talks about the divisions of land as per Sharia law... Important!!! As many rulings are dependent on this...

All brothers should try to know this..A small read too




67) The Martyrs of Afghan

You want a collection of amazing , miraculous stories of shuhadaa of our time?... Miracles do happen!

Heres an amazing book for you to increase your faith and be inspired to reach the level of Shaheeed, a Martyr by following the examples of these amazing warriors !


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68) Al Jannah Wa Naar

You want to have stronger connection to Allah? Fear Allah's punishment more and desire His rewards more...Heres an amazing detailed book about paradise and hell...

Shaikh Umar Ashqar is the author of One of the best Aqeedah series as said by students of knowledge... Describes details and details of the hereafter...This book specifically talks abt Paradise and Hellfire...


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69) Twitter Gems- Shaikh Ahmed Jibril

You want good ready made tweets for twitter...Here is a pdf collecting some gem of tweets of Shaikh Ahmed Jibril, May Allah completely free him from the clutches of America!

70) Why is there no storm in your ocean?

Message to Muslims in India from AlQaeda in Indian Subcontinent, By Maulana Asim Umar - English Translation...

To those who cant get the Mujahideens official messages and solely rely on disbelieving News channels, Heres a great opportunity to see the proofs or basis for understanding todays Mujahideen ("Terrorists")

Read &Spread


71) Khuwarij and Jihad

An excellent book explaining how sometimes Khwarij can perform jihad and how many a times Mujahideen are falsely branded Khwarij...Epecially with the Modernists callig every Mujahid Khwarij and trying to say theres no Jihad; This topic has to be addressed!

So How do we differentiate who are true Mujahideen and who are Khwarij?

A great book by the imprisoned Mujahid Shaikh, Abu Hamza Masri

Read &Spread
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72) The Solution

Guess from whom is this pdf....The legend of our times...Shaikh Osama Bin Laden RH


Read &Spread
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73) Loyalty to the Believers

Well what does this mean? Heard of Wala wal Baraa...?

What kind f loyalty should v show to the Believers? What if they are called deviants or terrorists or from seperate groups?

A small 9 page transcription of a lecture from 1 of the scholars of the Mujahideen of Yemen!


Read &Spread
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74) Battle of Blood and Dust

Have you ever heard of brothers who fight against oppression of Iranian Government and their aqeedah of hatred against Sahabah.

Ansar Furqan

Here is good Read from one of the brother who explaining about their battle with limited Men and Weapons.

It seems they deserve more support and attention from us.

Read &Spread
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75) 44 Ways to Support Jihad

Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RH, the Shaikh of the youth reminding the bros who arent directly capable of waging Jihad many smart ways to support Jihaad...

Short 21 page, and beautifully arranged!

May Allah accept Shaikh Anwar RH and make these works a sadaqah jariyah for him


76) Ayat al kursi-Tafseer

Time to ponder on Some f the words of Allah...and that too one of the verses most of us memorise but dont really understand the meaning well...

Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RH talks on the verse, Ayat al Kursi , from Surah baqarah ...



77) Shaikh Abdullah Azzam RHs Sayings

Some really beneficial lessons and messages released reportedly by the Shaikh known as reviver of the fiqh of jihad, Shaikh Abdullah Azzam


Spread and share the ajr


78) Rejecting Taghut Wajib

We posted some posts ago about the details of Taghut in a short book by Shaikh Maqdisi (Rejecting Taghut & belief in Allah...)

Heres another beneficial book on the same topic...Small and important again, By the shaikh Bishr ibn Bishr RH



79) Abu Humam al Qahtani RH

You think most mujahideen are terrorists and idiots who love to kill?

Well heres an example of the nobility of these brothers...Life story of The Shaheed in sha Allah, Abu Humam al Qahtani RH

Small and inspiring !


80) Inspire3

Here is one of books which amazed me which brought down American plane with some hundred dollars.

This showed even though how big the Superpowers are, there will be always way which Muslims will take advantage.



81) Inspire 4

The 4th Inspire Magazine from the Mujahideen in Yemen....

Heres your chance, Read the viewpoint of the Mujahideen from their own words rather than the disbelieving media!

Features Fatwa from Sh.Anwar Al Awlaki rh regarding
"The Ruling on dispossessing the disbelievers wealth in Dar al Harb"



82) Magazine Inspire 5 

Features Tsunami of change by Sh.Anwar al Awlaki and many
other topics related to the Revolution which started in the Muslim World


83) Share of Ones self

Dr. Eyad Quneibi , May Allah free him, a small 1.5 page article on your share and self development tips

May Allah bless you all


84) Punishment of Hellfire repelled by 10 Causes

Want to know some causes that could save you from etwrnal hellffire? Read this by "Shaikh al Islam" Ibn Taymiyyah RH

A small 3 page article



85) How to Survive in the West

A super rare Mujahideen guide!

Very beneficial in sha Allah for those living in Dar al kufr. Do have a read and have the potential inspiration to become an individual Jihadi leader... You need these ideas and knowledge!


86) The Enemy Within

It is essential to know the enemies within Ummah, if we want to succeed in establishing our beautiful religion on this earth.

One of the most destructive roles in the war between Haq and Batil is that of some people who claim to be Muslims in order to destroy the Muslim Ummah from within; in particular, when these enemies play their role from within the Muslims rather than openly from the side of the real enemy (i.e. the Kuffar).

Whatever the strength or power of the kuffar may be or whatever they may plot, they can never cause as much damage to us as the enemy within.

This book briefly explain beautifully the history of these treacherous enemies within Islamic world.




87) Allah is preparing us for Victory

A beautiful and very famous talk by Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RH...Explains you on how the ummah is changing today and what its going through and what we must generally do....

Beautifully explained and always practical , shaikh Anwar...May Allah accept him as a shaheed



88) Nullifiers of Islam (Small explanation)

A 10 point nullifiers of Islam, mentioned by Muhammed bin Abdul Wahhab RH explained shortly in 33 pages....

Very important book so we dont do the nullifiers unknowlingly and unknowingly get out of Islam and become Apostates!



89) Beware of Takfeer

Respectively to the above book, So that brothers dont rush into calling other Muslims into non Muslims, Heres a small beneficial guide by Shaikh Sulaiman Ulwan on how to be careful on matters of Takfeer (Excommunicating Muslims, and calling them apostates)


90) Who has the right to do Takfeer?

As above, Shaikh Ali Al Khudair too, the Mujahid shaikh answers this question, again clarifying the dangers of youth making takfeer without knowledge



91) Our Aqeedah

Whats Aqeedah ? Why should v know it? How do v differentiate if v r amongst one of the deviant sects?

Do read this Important concise book from the Mujahid shaikh, Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi...Also an imoortant for those who say the Mujahideen today are Khwwarij!





92) Intro- Science of hadith

Heard of Daeef, Mawdu, Hasan, Mawqoof etc under or after a hadith...Ever really understood what they are...

Heres an excellent intro to science of hadith..Short and upto point




93) Risala 2

Magazine from the brothers in Syria from many groups and countries all over the World.

As our Prophet pbuh said Sham will be the stronghold of believers and Best of believers will assemble in Sham, here is your opportunity to know about these people whom our Prophet mentioned.
And Allah knows best



94) Stories from the Quran!

Do you read the Quran yet fail to understand or grasp major benefits from it?

Heres a great book that has stories of Quran collcted already by the great scholar, Ibn Kathir RH



95) 5 Ground Rules to achieve the tradition of Victory

State of Ummah seems weak...So how do we gain victory? What are the rules we need to adopt to gain victory

A beautiful 35 pages book by Tibyan Publications



96) Stories of the Prophets! (Ibn Katheer)

The Famous Mufassir and student of Ibn Taymiyyah RH, Ibn Katheers RH book on stories of the Prophets...Absolutely amazing! ...Know and learn our history brothers...

Allah swt says as interpreted { ...So relate the stories that perhaps they will give thought.} 7:176

So lets see how many will read, ponder and relate on these stories!


97) Signs of Good Ending

Want to have a blessed ending in this life's test?
Read about the signs of good endings and ask Allah to provide you with them!

A good 20 page book to increase your eman and get you closer to Allah swt!

98) Shaikh Khalid Husainan RH - Interview

For who dont know, Shaikh Khalid Husainan is the Mujahid shaikh who has a special famous talk addressing Obama after the Mujahideens battle against America in Afghanistan

This shaikh is also famous for his extensive dawah lectures and videos , beloved by so many and such an amazing speaker

In the interview he talks abt how he entered field of Jihad etc!




100) Shaikh Osama Bin Laden RH - Offensive Drawings

"May our Mothers be bereaved of us if we fail to help our Prophet (peace be upon him)"

A short message by the Shaikh Osama Bin Laden RH



101) Satans way in misleading

Its important we know our enemy! You may think you are doing good by doing a mustahabb act, but perhaps shaytan has taken you away from an obligatory one..

Good read guys

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102) Scientific Truths in the Quran!

Excellent book for dawah...

Quran is the living Miracle for the Muslims...Heres just a scientific aspect of the miracles of the Quran!

@Books_Islam (Telegram channel)


103) Message to Ppl of Pakistan - Osama bin laden RH

To all Hindi pakis, Shaikh Osama bin Laden Addresses you!



104) Jihadi Collections 4

The day which shook Whole World without any doubt is 911

So many people still confused

*what was the motivation behind it
*who did it
*how many was involved
*losses for America

I felt its a good read and to understand from the the point of view of the people who did it.

So here is it...



105) My Story with Awlaki RH

A small 5-6 paged story from Harith Nadari RH ...Excellent Read about our beloved Shaikh...RH , May Allah accept him



106) Learn Arabic

Want some easy excercises and arabic learning material to those who can already read little arabic but dont understand

Heres useful arabic learning books!

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


107) Commanders of the Muslim Army

You want to be cool? Want to know how real men were? want to know hows bravery? or tawakkul or zeal or Spirituality????

Amazing book! Commanders of the army that fights to raise the word of our Lord!

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


108) Online takfeer from youth!

During the open meeting with Ali Dheere, the official spokesman of Shabaab al- Mujaahideen, he was asked regarding people who went overboard in takfeer online:

Listen what he says to the youth calling Mjahdeen and other Muslims as kuffar easily without much knowledge

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


109) Shaikh Osama Bin Ladens Letter to Bin Baaz

A very enlightning letter reportedly from the Ex leader of Alqaeda Mujahideen to the Ex Grand Mufti of Saudi in 1994...

Might wake you up a little!

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110) Atlas of the Quran

An authentic collection of Quranic information with Maps, tables and pictures.

Very interesting and informative book which covers from Adam (as)to Muhammad (saw).

Most of the events in Qur'an covered.

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111) Battle of Blood and Dust

So much talk is going about Iran and it's atrocities these days.

Here is the story from inside a Group which battles Iranian Regime with very less resources.
Even the leader went for the battles and got martyred.

Small book of 8pages.

Very inspiring.

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


112) True Facts of Jihad and lies of Hypocrisy

Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri the Emir of Alqaeda talks about some facts of Jihaad and lies of Hypocrisy in his reportedly 6th interview with al Sahab!

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


113) The Creed of the Victorious Sect!

Who are the victorious sect in Islam? Why are they different? What do they bliieve in? You want to be victorious too?

"...It is from the ‘Aqeedah of Ahlus us-Sunnah wal Jama’ah that they believe there will continue to be a small section from amongst the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) steady upon the Haq; not fearing those who oppose them until the Day of Judgment is established...."

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114) Tazkiyyah of Shaikh Maqdisi, Abu Qatada

To those who say scholars dont approve of the teachings of Maqdisi or abu Qatada as they have no tazkiyyah

Heres kind of a tazkiyyah for them from Shaikh Ali al Khudair, apart from many others!

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


115) Ibn Al Qayyim RH - Benefiting from knowledge

Ibn al Qayyim RH talks about diffrent types of people with knowledge and who he benefited most from!

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


116) Sharia , What Horror?

Dr. Eyad Qunebi, talks about some of the critcisms against Sharia and explains it as usual, as Sweet as honey!

Also amazing facts and points about Sharia law which could make you understand perhaps some of the wisdoms behind them! Just 3 pages!

May Allah free Dr. Eyad Qunebi from the clutches of the Jordanian Tawagheet!

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)



117) Abu Jandal al Qasimi RH

A short 6 page biography of the Shaheed in sha Allah, Abu Jandal Qasimi...Inspiring story as always...

Shahada in the path of Allah is such an honor!



118) Beyond Guantanamo

Shaikh Anwar al Awlaki RH talks about situation in Guantanamo Bay and our role in helping our family!

Touching lectures transcription!

@Books_Islam ( Telegram Channel)


119) Permissible or Better?

Shaikh Abu Muhammed Maqdisi explains some concepts beautifully!

For eg. Taking slave might be permissible, but does it mean we must do it? How do we realise if a group has done somthing permissible yet made a mistake by leaving the better

beautiful read!

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


120) Jihad and Intentions upon it!

Tibyan Publications,
You may do a trivial act supporting Mujahideen in a very simple way and perhaps could b counted as great as Jihad and then might do a massive sacrifice and could go waste!

So read and guard yourselves from wasters of deeds and learn to maximise benefits!


121) Martyrdom of Heroes & the betrayal of the rulers

Leader of Alqaeda himself talks abt some of his views...Does he have proofs? Or does it seems that as people say they are just random terrorists who have nothing to do with Islam

13 page read...Enlightning for the confused about todays rulers and lies against mujahideen in sha Allah

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


122) Shaikh Osama Bin Laden - Transcript of Conversation , Post 9-11

A very insightful conversation of Shaikh OBL from a video tape...Talking about dreams and other things related to 9-11

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


123) The Giant Man

A small book of a giant man

Who knows Mullah Umers RH actions, bravery, courage, determination and efforts from bros who actually know him rather than the Disbelieving media..

Heres a great chance to get to know th exLeader of Taliban, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


124) Bin Laden Bankrupted the US

A small insightful article by Jon Utley literally amazed by Shaikh Osama bin Ladens plans ...RH

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


125) Advice for seeker of knowledg

Tibyan Publications provides with the book advicing the seeker of knowledge! Shaykh Sultan Utaybi RH

12 pages!

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


126) Battle of Hearts and Minds

Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RH explains it like honey, how the war against Islam is being fought today...

How do we overcome it and realise it? A beautiful lectures transcription!

May Allah accept Shaikh Anwar rh

127) Study on Bayaa and Imarah

A rare book you get to study these topics on Bayah (Pledge) and Imarah (Emirate) ... Would be very beneficial for todays times where people call for pledges and people claim states and emirates ...

So Tibyan Publications present this book refuting various doubts!



128) Jihad Recollctions 1

In short, the magazine seeks to accomplish the following:
1. Tackle issues that are not only happening abroad in the Muslim world, but also focus on domestic issues pertinent to the Muslim community in the West
2. To clean the image of the Mujahideen
3. Present well-researched and thought-out articles on relevant issues of interest

Also contains
-Days of Warrior Abu Layth RH
-Interfaith in Saudi
-Conquering of Rome
-Steps to expand global Jihad etc



129) Jihad Recollection 2

"...Our magazine seeks to instill that intellectual culture amongst a larger platform.

In addition, we will slowly start to add more sections and employ more writers in various felds to populate the magazine with short articles, but many topics. Some Muslims were under the impression that this magazine should be treated like a traditional book. Thus, instead of reading what- ever sections interest them the most - like a normal
magazine - they feel obliged to read through the entire magazine; not that there’s anything wrong with that, but that’s not our intended purpose. Every individual has an interest in some feld whether it be politics, social life, book reviews, technology, warfare etc. We intend to spark these diferent felds of interest throughout the magazine to the extent that our readers will always look forward to seeing that section in the upcoming issue or they are looking forward to reading from a certain author.
Concerning this issue, we are very excited to present some interesting topics and perhaps even concepts such as‘ObamaTurk’. The front cover shows Obama’s name in chains - which symbolizes his slavery to the policies of the Zionists - and Ataturk’s name flled with 1924 - to symbolize the day he destroyed the Caliphate. Some other topics of interest include a new series summarizing and analyzing Brynjar Lia’s TheArchitectofGlobalJihad, revisiting the global media jihad efort, Western reaction to Abu Mansoor al-Amriki and much more....."



130) Miracles in Syrian Jihad

Jihad is known to have so many Miracles, cuz of the difficulty in war and extreme tawakkal on Allah!

Also we know in the biography of our predecessors, on jihadi era etc that so many times Allah swt sends Angels or different types of Miracles to support the Mujahideen

So heres a small collection of Miracles that in sha Allah have happened or reported in short time till 2013 in the Syrian Jihad

A must read! Also today scholars in Sham, and Jesh Fath's military commanders call for General March to Sham....



131) The Call for a Global Islamic Resistance

Book from Legend Sh. Abu Musab Suri (May Allah hasten his release)

CIA used to study these book to tackle the Strategy of Mujahideen...

Read&Share and think like leaders of Jihaad

132) Sword against Black Magic

An excellent book showing ruqya techniques and many pracriced vrses for different types of sihr...Also examples given



133) The battles of the Prophet

The Ones who call the Mujahiden and defending ourselves with× degrading names and say there shudnt be any violence etc..Heres a chance to know your Prophet well and learn whats honor and respect of Muslim and Islam!

If you dont like violence and dont want Jihad in defence, Just want to be loyal to the Disbelievers, then chose a different Prophet as we Muslims are loyal to Allah and Jihad is part of our religion



134) Learning Quranic Arabic

How many of us just recite Quran and dont understand what being told to us by Allah?

How many of us cannot find those Arabic Muwahideen news online and books, videos, and alll the other Arabic material spread online by Mujahideen, etc and then fall into getting wrong news in english?

How many of us want to speak to ab Arabic speaking Musoim brother, give dawah, learn hadith etc but cant

Solution - Well start pushing yourself to learn Arabic and be the changed You...


135) The Prophetic Medicine

By Ibn al Qayyim RH...An Amazing book and very detailed on Islamic medicine...

The shaikhs got such deep insight...

So you have fever, head ache, stomach ache, diseases etc. Read this book and always have tawakkal in Allah

136) Muhammed As if you can see him


You claim to love your Prophet...But for love to be more you may need to know the person more...Specifically with Muhammed Sallallahualaihiwasallam, the more you know about him, the more you love him in sha Allah

An excellent book talking about various various charasteristics, aspects , etc of our Prophet sallallhualaihiwasallams life


137 ) Maximising Sanctity of Muslim blood

AlQaeda are always accused of killing Muslims... But are the accusations true? Do they really believe in killing innocent Muslims by doing takfeer of them?

Heres their scholars words on maximising sanctity of Muslim blood, Shaikh Atiyatullah Libi RH

@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)


138) Burkino Faso Statement


Sometimes common people don’t understand why are mujahidien targeting hotels where foreign Intelligence Officers gather or something of this sort. Here is the claim and reason for the Burkino Faso attack


139) The Caliphate declared?


Dr. Eyad Qunebi, may Allah swt free him, beautifully explains on some important misunderstood concept today about declaring the caliphate! Does a khilafa become valid with just a declaration? What is the difference between reality and declaration? What are the requirements to have a Khilafa? Important


140) Mujahideen Guide


Another small Mujahideen Guide for the brothers! Enjoy


141) Fundamentals of new islamic awakening


Shaykh ali al Khudayr talks about different movements and different misconceptions in the awakening of the muslims. Beneficial if your confused, which group like neobandis, neosalafis, tablighis, ikhwanis etc is on the truth, whats compromise, etc 8 pages only!


142) The martyrdom of the heroes and the betrayal of the rulers - Shaykh Ayman al-Zawahiri


Leader of Alqaeda himself talks abt some of his views…Does he have proofs? Or does it seems that as people say they are just random terrorists who have nothing to do with Islam. 13 page read…Enlightning for the confused about todays rulers and lies against mujahideen in sha Allah


143) Verily Victory of Allah is near


Tibyan Publications again, and the name of the author is Shaykh Sulaiman al Ulwan! May Allah free him! 48 pages book explaining some of todays important issues


144) Defenders of the truth1!


Mosul media presents, a magazine defending the mujahideen with various usefull articles etc including 9/11s justification!


145) Suicide bombings or self sacrificial attacks


A detailed explanation on the ruling of self sacrificial attacks, by the famous shaykh, shaykh Uyayri RH… Tibyan Publications. Whoever doubts on the permissibility or calls these operations haram and suicide should take a time out to see the other side of the coin!


146) Defenders of the truth 2

147) Defenders of the truth 3

148) Defenders of the truth 4

149) Defenders of the truth 5


Defenders of the truth 2, 3, 4, 5 I thought to put all the 4 parts after the first edition together. Brilliant magazine covering various doubts and accusations regarding the mujahidien. Also some very beneficial articles included in them! Save and spread!


150) Advice to those who abstain from jihad


ibn Nuhaas RH. Away from jihad yet, when it is fard ayn. Heres a classical scholar addressing some short advice to you. 10 pages


151) Tatarrus in Modern Jihad


By shaykh abu Yahya Libi rh, a very important research by the shaykh who was a top AlQaeda figure on the topic of collateral damage, human shields etc. Mujahideen, do read!     


152) Alliance and disavowal, surah alMumtahina


Heard of wala wal bara, can we take kuffar as allies and friends? Why should we allie them?


153) Become a mujahid


A small 6 page message from Arabian Peninsula… Lets see if it touches your hearts


154) Martyr stories


Something you shouldn’t ever miss, always eeman boosters. Small 8 pages only


155) Biography of Umar al Hadoush


To know about scholars and lot of people of haqq, its always important to know more about them!


156) Damascus - the base of jihad


Shaykh Husain bin Mahmoud talks about virtues of Sham and Damasc, seeing the stuff happening in sham today, important read! 12 pages, informative!


157) Abu Musab Zarqawi RH, strong words


Strong words from shaykh Abu Musab From the jihad in Iraq against Shiaa and Americans


158) In the footsteps of shaykh OBL RH


Written by abu Mundhir Shinqiti 10 pages… on why to follow Osama Bin Laden RH


159) Fatwa on using WMD - Weapons of mass destruction


Can muslims use WMD’s? What if it kills who we call innocents? How much collateral damage is ok? Shaykh Nasser al-Fahd responds some important points


160) Issues of Iman - Dr. Hani Sibai


Beneficial book for the students of knowledge.. explaining irjaa and various other issues of iman, are actions part of eeman, why, how, its effects etc


161) Jalaludin Haqqani


Ever heard of Haqqani network? Well then you don’t know much about the jihad in Khorasan, heres a small read abt Jalaludin Haqqani, one of the leading figures of Mujahideen in Khorasan region!


162) Jihad in Pakistan?


Jihad in Pakistan? Where? Why? Reasons and motives for jihad in Pakistan. Excellent read for jihad seekers!


163) Just 5 minutes


Apparently a former female Muslim prisoner in the prisons of the Syrian regime talks about her time… a truly saddening and heartbreaking story! May Allah free all the muslim prisoners from the prisons of the Oppressors


164) Khorasan is still calling


A short article remding the call from Khurasaan.. So will we respond?


165) Life in Belmarch Dungeons!


One of the notorious prisons of the kuffar, Belmarch… want to know how our bros live there? 2 pages only…


166) Mali War


Whats Mali? What happened there? Why did France and so many other nations invade it recently? Did the mujahidien really establish an Islamic State?


167) Management of savagery


One of the most famous books on strategies of the mujahidien, a monumental piece rally! A famous theologist of jihadi way to defeat global kufr, abu Bakr Naaji wrote this book. This book how ever a summarised outline of the detailed book!


168) Methodology in gaining Media Experience


The name says it all, 7 pages. Learn O warriors. If you cant do jihad physically, you have your tongue… “incitement is the twin of jihad and its motivation,…


169) Mujahideen Handbook


Mujahideen Handbook. An amazing book for any mujahid originaly apparently not in English, but decent english translation.. yet beneficial… Talks about tactics, secrecy, infos of different weapons, questions and answers etc! Seems to be a classic book from Afghan days!


170) Mujahideen in the cities!


By shaykh Harith Nadari, RH… One of the prominent mashaykh from AlQaeda in Yemen who was martyred in sha Allah by a US drone strike!


171) Applying hudud and applying sharia


Accusations of people who apply hudud that they apply sharia or otherway round that if they don’t apply hudud thy have no sharia… Are lands of war necessary to have hudud in it? But hudud can b applied by anybody or only imam? An excellent read from Dr. Eyad Qunbi, may Allah free him


172) Resurgence 2


First magazine in English from Indian Subcontinent which deals with many Issues of Ummah. Giving the right view towards ISIS and the people who support it. Must read


173) My love for you


A Poem about Sham and jihad by shaykh Abu Sulayman al Australi who is a shar3i with alQaeda in Sham


174) O soon to be scholar of the Haramayn


Ibn taymiyyah said: “this is why jihaad is a cause for obtaining the guidance which encompasses all doors of knowledge…


175) Peace treaties with the Jews according to the sharia


Shaykh abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq, amazing and important work for todys times for all sorts of enemies…when you have so many enemies and especially govts making peace treaties on ur behalf, you must know when is it allowed to make a peace treaty and when isnt…who should make the treaty etc! If you dont learn all this and end up believing false stuff from govt scholars, blame only yourself!


176) Promise of Victory!


Promise of victory? Victory from whom and what?Short message from the leader of AQAP mujahidien in Yemen! Shaykh Nasser Wuhaishi RH the ex deputy leader of whole of AlQaeda speaks! Narrated by Muslim: “You will attack Arabia and Allah will enable you to conquer it, then you would attack Persia and He would make you conquer it. Then you would attack Rome and Allah will enable you to conquer it, then you would attack the Dadjaal and Allah will enable you to conquer him.


177) Remaining hidden


2 page article giving the formula to remain hidden from the enemy! To the mujahid, read and spread!


178) 10 advices to hit and run people!


These ten pieces of important advice are written for the brothers in (individual jihad) especially, and among the other people of the jihad in general = to be of increased certainty for them, and Allah says: “So fight in the cause of Allah, you are not held responsible except for yourself. And incite the believers that perhaps Allah will restrain the might of those who disbelieve. And Allah is greater in might and stronger in punishment” (4:84)


179) I am proud to be a traitor to America


Samir Khan was one of the closest associates of shaykh Anwar Awlaki rh and said a media genius! He was also assassinated and murdered by America in their cowardly drone strikes… but for the muslims, that is one of the victories…Samir Khan being American himself, has few things to say about the US


180) Save your Prisoners


Is salah, fasting, charity etc just your obligatory worships? Or are there many other obligations as per situations ajd demands? What is Muslims are imprisoned, what should you do sharia wise for them? Is it a good act, or obligatory or just sunnah? Read and reflect on our current situation where not just the muslim men are being imprisoned, even our sisters arent being left! May Allah free all the muslim prisoners!


181) School of Yusuf


A man asked Shafi’e -May Allah have mercy on him-, and said .’O Abu Abdullah, What is better for a man. that he is established or that he is put to trial’.
Shafi’e said, ‘He will not be established until he is put to trial.’
Yes dear brothers and sisters, this imprisonment that has rendered champions and has purified their cheap selves, and revealed those truthful from those who claim


182) True imam Abdul Rasheed Gazi RH


An amazing shaykh who along with his students took to change Pakistan himself and faced the Paki army for around 7 days. Any1 knows about the incident? When he was martyred in sha Allah, a huge smiled could be seen on his face!


183) Sham - rust on ur Neck


Advices from Hakeem al Ummah shaykh Ayman al-Zawahiri regarding Shaam. Mentions many contemporary issues like Riyahdh conference which is meant to destroy jihad. Must read for people who are looking into Sham


184) Zaad e Mujahid


Essential provisions of the Mujahid. Excellent book… Ecplaining different departments of jihad etc and other stuff like aqeedah, tips, duas, fiqh, etc


185) The characteristics of the victorious group in the land of Shaam


Lot of debates are going on regarding which group is on right path in Sham. Here is shaykh pointing out the characteristics of those group who will be victorious in Sham.Must read


186) Great women in Islamic history


Forget the dancers, singers and other corrupt people… heres a chance to know life of some of the greatest women you could chose to be your role models.. a must read for the sisters at least.


187) Method of establishing the Caliphate


Heres a short and extremly enlightning article by the Known Shaikh,Anwar Awlaqi RH on an important issue. How do we revive the Khilafa?, Only Dawah?, Or conferences or Meetings, Or secret infiltrations in other govts? or Jihad?


188) 20 ways to show off


Zina, stealing etc are dangerous sins, but did you know just showing off which we consider small or even worthless could be shirk asghar and bigger than the major sins. Heres some ways for showing off!


189) Do not fear them!


With kufr govts and agencies all around trying to chase us and catch us and stop our dawah. How should we islamically respond in terms of fear and precaution! By Shaikh Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi


190) 10 methods to detect and foil the plots of spies


Your a mujahid or about to be mujahid or a funder or some1 who speaks the truth against the kufr system.. you may need this 1


191) 14 propaganda techniques the US media uses


Use this knowledge etc against them if acceptable sharia wise! For verily we are in the middle of a battle of Hearts and Minds


192) In the line of victory


An excellent English book released documenting the story, of an Engineer who worked for Taliban and helped in producing some of the most terrifying anti enemy weapons with such easy methods. Inspiring ideas and story for the Muslims who want to help in Jihaad!


193) US drones! Facts and numbers


Learning about your enemy’s skills is a basic step to prepare yourself to face it..


194) World of the jinn and devils


Shaykh Umer Ashqar’s another grand piece… He is widely famous for his splendid aqeedah series and heres another great book talking to you all about jinns and devils. May Allah increase your eeman by it!


195) Abu Nuh Maldifi - Biography of a muhajir in Sham


May Allah accept the Maldivian brother… heres a small 10 paged biography of him written by other mujahideen in Shaam. His jihadi efforts, dreams etc mentioned! May Allah make it of benefit


196) World of the noble angels


What are angels? Whats their purpose? Whats their role with the believers? Shaykh Umer Ashqar’s another grand piece.. He is widely famous for his splendid aqeedah series and heres another great book talking to you all about the angels!

197) Inspire magazine 1


The first version of an inspiring magazine published by the Mujahideen in Yemen...It literally inspires!


198) Confronting the ruler


Shaykh Umar AbdulRahman, the shaykh of mujahidien, may Allah free him, in 4 pages says words that could shake the tyrants!


199) Basic hacking tips


Basic knowledge about hacking is good in these days life, atleast it will help u save from getting hacked. A simple book giving guidance on hacking for the beginners, take benefit of it inshaaAllah


200) Hadith of takfir - Explanation - Ibn harj RH


If somebody accuses another of fusuq (by calling him fasiq i.e. a wicked person) or accuses him of kufr, such an accusation will revert to him (i.e. the accuser) if his companion (the accused) is innocent.” sahih al-Bukhari. A short document explaining this hadith…important


201) Abu Saad Pakistani RH


Biography of a mujahid martyred in sham in sha Allah, shuhadaa stories are always inspiring! For sharing this short story, use this justpaste link. (English) (urdu) (german)


202) Ghuraba (strangers) - English Poem


By shaykh abu Sulayman al Muhajir, to all those fundamentalists, radicalists, islamists, terrorists, etc.. you make like this one! 2 short pages!


203) Glimpses from - Abu Musab Suri's Strategic Book


For the smart bros who think and care about mujahidien strategies and about opening new fronts and defending muslims globally. Heres kuffar reading, analysing and the writing regarding our shuyukhs writings, while we dont even know about it


204) Drone Survival Guide


Keeping in mind of the global war we are facing, and the no. of potential mujahidien following our channels, heres a guide to survive from the drones!


205) Have the blood of muslims become so cheap!


O Muslims, 4 page reminder to each 1 of us


206) How did shaykh Ayman receive the news of themartyrdom of his family?


Small read on the above topic… btw for those who don’t know, shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri is the Emir of AlQaeda organization presently


207) Dispossessing Kafirs wealth - Anwar Awlaki RH


An extremely enlightning Fatwa regarding the wealth of a Harbi Kafir without a covenant or contract etc! For those living in lands of war and enemy, must read… Before enacting, just be carefull if you have a valid contract or covenant with the enemy or not


208) Classification of Lands


Do you live in Muslim land, or Islamic land, or land of war, or land of kufr? Taken from the works of ibn Taymiyyah RH 2 pages…


209) Friends of Allah - Ibn Taymiyyah RH


Want to get closer to Allah, want to be from His awliyaas? This 134 paged book contains the criterion between friends of Allah and between the friends of Shaytan! For self purity, do read


210) Enjoining Right and forbidding Wrong


3rd straight book we post from ibn Taymiyyah RH now.. This time an extremely important topic and read…”it is clear that enjoining right and prohibiting wrong is one of the greatest good works that we have been ordered to do..” 67 pages.. lot of details and important points mentioned such as: is enjoining good wajib, how to do, what if we are scared of remarks, what if it causes worser results etc etc.


211) Letters from prison


Ibn Taymiyyah again Iv become a shaykh al islaam fan boy! Shaykh al islam was imprisoned and faced


212) Difference between al-Qaeda and IS


The recent days have been filled with discussion about AQ and IS. Here is one of the comparison done by some brother. Brothers who are confused of this scenario can read and benefit from it


213) Fatwa for the people of Mardeen


One of the most famous fatwa of ibn Taymiyyah RH, even many disbelievers and strategists learn and study it…Talks about the situation of land and what people should do when a person claiming to b a muslim occupies a Muslim land


214) Interview with a mujahid widow


How would a lady feel when her husband’s a supposed ‘terrorist’ which even many muslims speak against, the only one after Allah who may biiznillah support her also gets martyred and leaves her alone as a widow to face the world?


215) Islamic Will and Testament, Mohammed Jibaly


Have you written your willWell on what all stuffs do u write ur will?Does all of your money be distributed as per your wish? Could your will be a cause for bad ending?


216) Wa Islamah!


A call to the ummah from the Land of Sham. Oh muslim! When will you come to aid your brethren? You wanted the fatwa of a shaykh and more than fourty scholars of Bilad al Sham has issued the fatwa of Jihad being Fardh Ayniyyah. And yet you sit there thinking of some other excuse not to fight for the sake of Allah.


217) Syria - The Qarmeed Battle, by a muhajir in Sham


A muhajir in Syria describes the battle and the reaction of the local muslims on One of the most notorious military bases in Sham. This enemy Nusairi base kept bombing the muslims for around 4 years! Maybe killed around 2000 muslim if not more!


218) Management of savagery


One of the most famous books on strategies of the mujahidien, a monumental piece rally! A famous theologist of jihadi way to defeat global kufr, abu Bakr Naaji wrote this book. This book how ever a summarised outline of the detailed book!


219) Life in al-Barzakh


What’s Barzakh? Theres a life in it? Learn about the unseen and whats going to happen to you! Excellent reminder to increase your khushu, and love of Allah


220) Hijrah: for the sake of Allah


One Hijrah is the Hijrah that is mandatory on everyone, all the time….” Familiar with Salah, fasting, Hajj etc…So whats this worship called Hijrah?, When does it become fard like prayer? Are you today required to do Hijrah? Do read an excellent lecture by shaikh Anwar Al Awlaki RH


221) Nukhbat al- Fikr


Want to study hadith?Know about various types of reports, narrations, classifications etc! 19pages


222) Usool al Hadith


Foundation of hadith, for those who read the above book and love to read more about classification and everything about ahadith! Heres a brilliant book for the students of knowledge


223) Game of Pharaoh.


An article extracted from a lecture by shaykh Faris al-Zahrani. Important questions answered there like: 1 Ruling of blessing shirk akbar 2 Ruling of aiding tawaghit 3 Ruling of not ruling by sharia 4 Rlung of hating tawhid and jihad. Around 16 important pages


224) Usool of Tafseer


For students of knowlegde, heres an important book which explains abt some fundatmentals to explain/comment/interpret/make tafseer of a Quran ayah.. Highly sensitive issue as interpreting Quran wrongly or sometimes even rightly, but based on desires and without knowledge could be an easy ticket to Hellfire!


225) Signs of alRahman in Afghan War!


An absolutely amazing book for some1 who wants to see the Miracles of the Mujahideen and Shuhadaa…Shaikh Abdullah Azzam RH gives you the stories he himself heard of .


226) Malahim Media's Interview with shaykh Anwar RH


“Al Malahim productions is happy to welcome with you in this special interview with the shaykh anwar al Awlaki who answered our request and honored us with this exclusive interview” Important questions, regarding attacking west, defence jihad, occupations, message to muslims etc answered!


227) Threema


This is one of the app which can be used for private chats


228) Preparing for the Day of Judgement


By imam ibn Hajar al-Asqalani RH


229) Sharia, what Horror?


Dr. Eyad Qunebi, talks about some of the critcisms against Sharia and explains it as usual, as Sweet as honey! Also amazing facts and points about Sharia law which could make you understand perhaps some of the wisdoms behind them! Just 3 pages! May Allah free Dr. Eyad Qunebi from the clutches of the Jordanian Tawagheet!


230) Khurasanniyah


A new book has recently been published entitled: Commentary of “the creed of the two Razis” (Asl al-sunnah wa l tiqad al-din) by shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Marzuq al Arifi.


231) Difference between Al Qaeda and IS


The recent days have been filled with discussion about AQ and IS. Here is one of the comparison done by some brother. Brothers who are confused of this scenario can read and benefit from it


232) Interesting read on IS


Books talking showing some interesting facts about IS. People who are interested in studying about the reality of the situation in the Jihadi erena can benefit from it insha Allah


233) Obligation of Hijrah - Shaykh Albani RH


To ppl who live in Dar al Kufr, or under kufr or international, or national laws.. have a read.. around 27 pages


234) Inspire 4


The 4th inspire magazine from the mujahideen in yemen.. one of the magazins that has taken the kuffars sleep away. Heres your chance, read the viewpoint of the mujahidien from their own words rather than the disbelieving media! Features Fatwa from shaykh al Awlaki rh regarding “the ruling on dispossessing the dibelievers wealth in dar al harb”


235) Inspire 3


Mujahideen showing with some hundred dollars, how thay could bring down American Cargoplane. This is an easy example for brothers who are looking forward to do some work back home! Time for work!


236) Message to Mujahideen, preachers & Muslim Journalist


Message from mujahideen in Indian Subcontinent to let us know importance of the Media which conveys the real ground news to outside world to resist the disbeliever Media


237) Ghaneema / Spoils of war


A small message about spoils of war for the mujahideen and soon to be mujahideen inshaAllah… “many questions have been asked from the land of Shaam about the spoils and the method of their distribution. And injustice occurred to the troops as they were given but little of the spoils and they were not distributed as known in Fiqh. And the soldiers complain of difficult conditions and poverty. Consumes a lot of arms and ammunitions…”


@Books_Islam (Telegram Channel)

Note : You can have access to all these books from the following link for the channel in Telegram Application ! You just have to view the channel, and search the book in search colomn and 1 click for download!




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