The difference between Mongrel and Blundstone Safety Footwear

Mongrel Safety Boots Sydney

The Mongrel safety boots Sydney made by Victor Footwear have been ruling the Australian market since 1930 when it comes to selecting the right boots for workers. Mongrel Boots are made in Sydney using state of the art equipment with some parts and materials imported to ensure the highest quality and competitive costs. Local manufacturing allows to introduce work class technology along with comfort but most importantly safety.

The same boot style cannot be right for a wide range of different works. Mongrel provides you different range and style to choose from with assured latest technology.

If you’re in the mining industry or working in the rough environment then you can choose R series or if you’re dealing with general public and need to take your boots on and off then you can choose ZipSiders. If you are a sportsperson then you can choose the lightweight sports S series and if you want a basic boot for safety without upper in rugged hide you can choose T series and if you don’t need steel toe caps then N and SE series could be your perfect match.

Mongrel uses a Roller Sole technology in all the shoes, which is a computer designed sole and it creates a roller action while walking thus lessening fatigue. They also offer different types of insoles like PU, GEL and PU air offering a wide range of comfort for different workplaces. Mongrel safety boots Sydney are perfect for general industrial and agricultural use.

Blundstone Safety Footwear Sydney

The most durable, rugged with their own natural beauty and distinctive looking footwear has been manufactured by Blundstone safety footwear Sydney since 1870. And while they have evolved in style, design, and technology over the years, the quality has never changed. The Blundstone footwear has made sure about the comfort and ease of their customers, so whether you’re navigating the rugged terrain of Tasmania and rainy sidewalks of New York City you’ll feel great and comfortable in both conditions.

Safety is one of the most important and old parts of Blundstone Safety boots for men Sydney so all of them come with steel toe caps but that’s just one of the feature. Additional safety features are available on a number of select styles and they are specifically designed to provide optimum protection against impractical hazards, impact penetration, rolling forces, chemical and another external stimulus and even resistance to cuts.

The footwear offers Extreme Impact Protection built into the soles providing superior shock absorption and comfort. The soles are designed to reduce fatigue and any orthopedic Problem in the lower back of legs and feet.

Protective footwear is extremely important to ensure healthy and safe feet. The foot is one of the most valuable and important parts of your body if when subjected to an injury of any kind in the construction industry. Wearing this safety footwear are just a simple precautionary method of keeping yourself safe from any harm.