Brawl Stars Weekly Scrims 3v3 Rule-set

Tournament Format:


Monday - Wednesday | Community Qualifiers:
- Each of the 16 partner servers/guilds will host 2 qualifier tournaments each between Monday - Wednesday.
- 2 of the qualifier tournaments will be 16 slots single-elimination tournaments. Top 4 teams from each qualifier will proceed to the main event. All matches will be 3v3 mode in these qualifiers.
- A total of  8 teams from each server will proceed to  the Ranking Event.
- 8 x 16 = 128 teams qualify for the main event.


Thursday | Registration for the Ranking Event

The qualified teams get 1 day to register for the Ranking Event.


Friday | Ranking Event
- The Main event is a single elimination tournament with 128 teams (7 rounds)
- First 4 rounds of the main event will be conducted on Thursday.
- The top 8 teams will proceed to the Gold League.
- The 120 eliminated teams will be placed into the Silver League.
- Registrations will for Silver League will open on Friday night. Players will have to register by the next day.


Saturday | Silver League
- The Silver League will be a 128 team single elimination tournament (7 rounds) for which the 120 teams will register.
- In the first round, few teams will randomly get a bye.
- All 7 rounds will run on Saturday.


Sunday | Gold League Finale
- The top 4 teams from the main event will battle it out to become the best Brawl Stars team in India.


Note: All matches starting from the Ranking Event will be BO3 except the Semifinals and Finals which will be BO5.




Brawl Stars Weekly Scrims Rules:

1) Maximum wait time: 10 minutes from lobby creation. 
2) If unregistered players are found in game lobbies, they will be removed. Its the participant's duty to kick players who do not belong in the lobby.
3) Maps will be announced just before lobby creation. It will be randomly selected by the bot.
4) Gadgets are allowed
5) In all matches, each team can choose to ban 1 brawler which cannot be picked by either of the teams.
6) In case someone picks a banned Brawler, their opponents will get a default win.

1) Can the host kick a player from the lobby if the player isn’t ready OR if he is spectating another match after the wait time?
Ans) If a player is not ready after 5 min, the host will have to kick him from the room and start the match.

2) The match started before wait time, what to do?
Ans ) Inform the host before the wait time is finished. If you inform the host after the wait-time has already finished, we won't be able to help.

3) My opponents are cheating in-game, what should I do?
Ans) We can take action against cheating only if legit proof (video recording) is provided. Please record it and send it to the host.

4) What to do if a player joined the room and they are not in the lobby.
Ans) Kick the person asap and before starting the match, please view list of players which is given in lobby


Prize Distribution:

Gold League has a prize-pool of Rs.20,000 will be divided as follows:


1st - Rs.10,000

2nd - Rs.6,000

3rd - Rs.4,000


Silver League has a prize-pool of Rs.7,500 be divided as follows:


1st -  Rs.4500

2nd - Rs.3000