BCG's seed points system is that the 'biggest thing' that separates BCG from the other game trackers.

 Global ratio does not mean allot at BCG since each torrent pays itself of over a short time with seedpoints. Each torrents ratio is important , not seeding back will get you a 'HIT&RUN' .

 Build up too many and you wont be able to download anything accept the files in your torrent history. This enables users who had an HDD crash or file corruption or loss to re-download their files back to seed and gain seedpoints to clear the hit&run.

 There's no reason why anybody should have a bad ratio,download what you like and the most amount of time you'll have to seed any ONE torrent is 2 weeks as long as there are 20 seeders to 1 leecher.

 The main factor I like, is you do not have to worry if you download old torrents, if there are not any leechers on it, no worries, seed points will get you there.

 Seed points are the key to an individual torrent's ratio (it's extremely easy). The price of a torrent is calculated mechanically and based on the torrents original size..

  • Torrents under 1.0 qualify for SP!
  • the max SP cost for a massive torrent is 240 seed points
  • You are Seeding: ___ that are eligible for SP. Your Limit is: 999 Seed Limit OK!
  • Your Active time requirement for torrents over 800MB is: 3d 00:00:00 
  • Your Active time requirement for torrents under 800MB is: 1d 12:00:00 
  • Your Seed/leech Ratio requirement is: Greater than 20
  • Up to 2 Seedpoints per hour, 4 Torrents gain SP at once, donate to gain more. 

1.You must have the full torrent downloaded. If you grab only a small part of it, you will never receive Seed Points.                                                  (partial leeching is only permitted on marked packs)  (FULL EX. BELOW)
2.The individual ratio for the torrent you are seeding must be less than 1.000. If you have a torrent which ratio is Inf. (Infinite), you will not      receive Seed Points too, because Infinite is higher than 1.000.
3.You must not be the torrent Uploader.
4.You must have the torrent active in your torrent history.
5.You must have at least 72 hours of active time on the torrent. The active time is the total time that you spent connected to that torrent while  downloading and seeding it. Only after the initial 72 hours of active time you will start receiving Seed Points. If the torrent has less than 800MB  in size, then you will only need an active time of 36 hours to start collecting Seed Points.
6.The seeder/leecher ratio must either be equal or higher than 20:1(see the 2nd last picture at the bottom for example), which means 20 seeders for  each leecher. If a torrent has 0 leechers, then you do not have to worry about how many seeders there are, because you will receive Seed  Points anyway.

  If your still unclear, the solution is easy, the larger the torrent, the longer you have got to seed the torrent. And no you don't need to seed it consecutively, although you will have it as a hit-n' run, but with the assistance of seed points it'll clear it up once you get the torrent running again.


Click SP overview to see whats collecting seedpoints


EXAMPLE of 20:1 seed:leech


Remember that promotions are based on download not upload, so get downloading!