Amongus Rules


- The single Lobby format will be used. 1 Lobby of 10 players.

- Waiting time per lobby is about 5 minutes.

- Tournaments might get postponed if we get less than 100% registrations.



- Proof of Playing : You have to submit your winning screenshot in submit-score option and any one of the player in lobby can share Meeting screenshot in lobby chat within 3 hours. (Not submitting this will lead to prizes cancellation)

- No cheats or in-game/lobby chat abuse/disrespect will be tolerated. It might lead to guild ban.

- The players will have to register and play the tournament with their game.tv app username , you can be kicked by host from the lobby if your registered name and in-game name doesn't match.

- Voice chat is not allowed. Players are only allowed to communicate via in-game text chat.

- There is no spectate feature in Among Us. If anyone wants to report a hacker, cheater, or abuser, please only do it if you have valid proof.
- Teaming cases require screen recording only - Report with screen recoding link in issue tabs, the host will check and take the necessary decisions. (Note - There won't be a rematch in it)
- In most cases you are not allowed to kick/Ban Players in an among us lobby / or in a match. You can only kick if a player is AFK for more than 10 minutes in-game but for doing so , you need proper screen recording proof and submit it after match.
- Normally , matches will be played in Asia server but the server could get changed under unecpected circumstances, like - server issues / game glitch.


- Settings will always be the same for all lobbies. Here are the fixed settings:

  • (The Skeld) Map
  • (Asia) Server
  • (1) # Imposters
  • (Off) Confirm Ejects
  • (1) # Emergency Meetings
  • (15s) Emergency Cooldown
  • (0s) Discussion Time
  • (300s) Voting Time
  • (1.25x) Player Speed
  • (0.5x) Crewmate Vision
  • (1.5x) Imposter Vision
  • (22.5s) Kill Cooldown
  • (Short) Kill Distance
  • (Meetings) Task Bar Updates
  • (Off) Visual Tasks
  • (2) # Common Tasks
  • (2) # Long Tasks
  • (3) # Short Tasks

Player disconnected between match due to game glitch:
   - If a player gets disconnect between match , he need to have proper proof showing that he is disconnected due to game glitch , i.e , Screen Recording of game , to claim prize.
    Note - Prize will only only be given if you are disconnected due a game bug / glitch, also the above rule is applicable to players who entered match , if due to any issue you are disconnected in lobby itself (before the game is started) , you will not get prize.


- The prize can be claimed via / Google Play gift card / Amazon gift card / Steam wallet code 
- In Gift card you'll get either the prize depending on the amount you have won.


For Google Play gift card  : 10/50/100/300/500 INR

For Amazon gift card  : 50/100/250/500 INR

For Steam wallet code  : 130/325/650 INR


If you had won more or less than the amount mentioned above: You'll get less amount at that time and rest of your will be Stacked / Collected and claim it on your next tournament. Remind host on next win with tournament name and lobby of the tournament in which prizes are stacked.


For any queries join the discord server and ping Blaze👑#7779 or create a ticket:

Click Here to join the discord server.