Amongus Rules


- The single Lobby format will be used. 1 Lobby of 10 players.

- Waiting time per lobby is about 5 minutes.

- Tournaments might get postponed if we get less than 100% registrations.



- Proof of Playing : You have to submit your winning screenshot in submit-score option and any one of the player in lobby can share Meeting screenshot in lobby chat within 3 hours. (Not submitting this will lead to prizes cancellation)

- No cheats or in-game/lobby chat abuse/disrespect will be tolerated. It might lead to guild ban.

- The players will have to register and play the tournament with their game.tv app username , you can be kicked by host from the lobby if your registered name and in-game name doesn't match.

- Voice chat is not allowed. Players are only allowed to communicate via in-game text chat.

- There is no spectate feature in Among Us. If anyone wants to report a hacker, cheater, or abuser, please only do it if you have valid proof.
- Teaming cases require screen recording only - Report with screen recoding link in issue tabs, the host will check and take the necessary decisions. (Note - There won't be a rematch in it)
- In most cases you are not allowed to kick/Ban Players in an among us lobby / or in a match. You can only kick if a player is AFK for more than 10 minutes in-game but for doing so , you need proper screen recording proof and submit it after match. Repetitive AFK’s will lead to severe action.
- Normally , matches will be played in Asia server but the server could get changed under unexpected circumstances, like - server issues / game glitch.
- If any unregister players have joined the match , you have to report immediately for a rematch else prizes will be given to the winners in the same match.


- Settings will always be the same for all lobbies. Here are the fixed settings:

  • (The Skeld) Map
  • (Asia) Server
  • (Free Chat) Chat options
  • (1) # Imposters
  • (Off) Confirm Ejects
  • (1) # Emergency Meetings
  • (15s) Emergency Cooldown
  • (0s) Discussion Time
  • (300s) Voting Time
  • (1.25x) Player Speed
  • (0.5x) Crewmate Vision
  • (1.5x) Imposter Vision
  • (22.5s) Kill Cooldown
  • (Short) Kill Distance
  • (Meetings) Task Bar Updates
  • (Off) Visual Tasks
  • (2) # Common Tasks
  • (2) # Long Tasks
  • (3) # Short Tasks

Player disconnected between match due to game glitch:
   - If a player gets disconnect between match , he need to have proper proof showing that he is disconnected due to game glitch , i.e. Screen Recording of game , to claim prize.
    Note - Prize will only only be given if you are disconnected due a game bug / glitch, also the above rule is applicable to players who entered match , if due to any issue you are disconnected in lobby itself (before the game is started) , you will not get prize.


- The prize can be claimed via / Google Play gift card / Amazon gift card / Steam wallet code 
- In Gift card you'll get either the prize depending on the amount you have won.


For Google Play gift card  : 10/50/100/300/500 INR

For Amazon gift card  : 50/100/250/500 INR

For Steam wallet code  : 130/325/650 INR


If you had won more or less than the amount mentioned above: You'll get less amount at that time and rest of your will be Stacked / Collected and claim it on your next tournament. Remind host on next win with tournament name and lobby of the tournament in which prizes are stacked.


Select Stacking Prize - if you want to collect prize and redeem higher amount of code
If you want your winning amount to be requested immediately in the same tournament even though stock is available / not available then select any gift card from above options
For eg: If you win 70 INR in a tournament and select Amazon GC in form , A 50 INR code will be requested immediately in the same tournament , then you'll get the prize when the 50INR codes are in stock


Note : One's you have selected a Gift card , it cannot be changed as I'll process it within 24 hours
Form is compulsory to fill , if you do not fill the form before the tournament is completed ; Unlike before I'll request highest amount of Amazon Code according to the prize you have won in the same tournament - this cannot be undone too as requested prizes cannot be changed


Rules are not limited to the above , At the end correct decision will be made by the host. He can modify the above proposed rules or add any if needed on the spot for a proper action.


For any queries join the discord server and ping Blaze👑#7779 or create a ticket:

Click Here to join the discord server.