Increased Air Pollution in Hyderabad And a Drop-in Air Quality


Mirchipataka : The air quality index of Hyderabad fell to a moderate quality level which may cause mild discomfort to people with lung and breathing problems. The air quality index is the average of all major pollutant particles present in the air. The city witnessed a major spike of these particulate content in the air due to heavy winds blowing towards the north. Experts suggested that this may rise significantly as the north blowing winds blowing towards the east coast carrying a lot of particulate matter.

Upon analysis of data from various Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (CAAQMS) that are strategically placed across the city showed there is a substantial rise of 2.5PM above 74 ug/m3. Usually, if this is between 0 – 60 ug/m3 it is considered as good quality. Sanathnagar of all locations witnessed the highest peak of 109.69 ug/m3. The air quality index of Hyderabad was 169.For More Details Please Check Mirchi Pataka

Telangana pollution control board accounted for this spike in pollutant levels as a result of recent Diwali celebrations across the city and also due to the rise in usage of motor vehicles by patrons. If this continues Hyderabad is looking at a serious problem where people have to wear protective masks to come out of their houses and a substantial rise in lung and breathing-related problems.

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