Abu Waheeb Jokes


1. Is It True That If Abu Waheeb Was Khalifa Obama Would Be The First One To Give Bayah Out Of Fear?


2. Is It True That Abu Waheeb Sleeps With A Pillow Under His Gun?


3. Is it True That Abu Waheeb Uses A Stunt Double For Crying Scenes?


4. Is it True That Giraffes Were Made When Abu Waheeb Upper cutted His Horse?


5. Is it True That Bulletproof Vests Wear Abu Waheeb As Protection?


6. Is it True That As A Kid, Abu Waheeb Used To Send His Dad To His Room?


7. Is it True That Abu Waheeb Doesn’t Need To Wear A Belt? He Just Tells His Trousers To Stay Up


8. Is it True That Abu Waheeb Just Looks At The Thief’s Hands And They Run Away?


9. Is it True That Abu Waheeb Doesn’t Flush The Toilet? He Scares The Shit Out Of It.


10. Is it True That Bullets Dodge Abu Waheeb?


11. Is it True That When Abu Waheeb Throws A Boomerang, The Boomerang Is Too Scared To Come Back?


12. Is it True That When Abu Waheeb Crosses The Streets, The Cars Look Both Ways?


13. Is it True That Abu Waheeb Threw A Grenade And Killed 25 Murtads, And Then The Grenade Exploded?


14. Is It True That The Whole Crew Of Teletubbies Pledged Allegiance To Abu Waheeb?


15. Is it True That Abu Waheeb Was Dropped Twice As A Child? Once On The First Twin Tower And Once In The Second


16. Is It True That Abu Waheeb Is Half An Hour Faster Than A Second?


17. Is It True When Assad Hear The Name Abu Waheeb He Hides Under His Bed?


18. Is it True That Abu Waheeb Was The Guy Who Originally Defeated Majin Buu?


19. Is it True That Abu Waheeb Has A Grizzly Bear Carpet In His Bedroom? The Bear Isn’t Dead. Just Too Afraid To Move.


20. Is it True That Abu Waheeb Wears Sandals To The Battlefield?


21. Is it True That Abu Waheeb's Training Included A Handicap Wrestling Match Against A Bear A Crocodile And Rikishi?


22. Is it True that Shias mention Abu Waheeb when their Children don’t want to go to sleep? They get Knocked out due to fear.


Who is Abu Waheeb?

►Abu Waheeb, the Fierce ISIS commander in Anbar was arrested by US forces on charges of belonging to Al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2006. He was held at Camp Bucca detention facility in southern Iraq until 2009, where he was sentenced to death.

►However, he was transferred to Tikrit Central Prison in Saladin Province, where in 2012 he was one of the 110 detainees who managed to escape the prison following a riot and an attack on the prison by forces from the Islamic State of Iraq.

►Since then he has been leading Anti-Government crack down in Iraq. He is also known as Nusayri Hunter, Teacher of the Nusayris and the Desert Lion. In Short, He’s Iraqi Shia government’s worse night mare since the late Abu Musa’b Al-Zarqawi.

Here is one of the Operations lead by Abu Waheeb: http://tune.pk/video/4069617/isis-operation-von-commander-abu-waheeb-s-einheit-im-irak