What Are The Easiest Jobs To Get With No Experience?

If you require anyone if they want to receive more money, the answer is almost invariably going to be a loud "hell yes!" Sadly for Millenials, our favorite gig economy where we have various jobs, side hustles, and companies to bring in the cash can all make us exposed to burnout.


If you want to have a weekend and a life outside of your business, then you should consider getting into one of these more popular jobs! Even though the knowledge required for making one of these jobs is quite low, they offer high wages with the potential to get a lot more over the long-term with growth.



  • Recruiter
Recruiting is an excellent field to go into if you like fighting people. They find the most suitable candidates for jobs by navigating LinkedIn, assisting companies with screening, and conducting interviews. Since several of them take a commission or portion of the salary of the recruited worker, this has the power to be a very high paying job!


  • Shipper
Every company that markets stuff wants to have a Shipper, aka Shipper and Receiver. They're in the care of everything coming in and going out. They're critical to the success of any organization, and there aren't several requirements for getting in the entrance, making it a big career track if you're looking to make financiers without getting a ton of school or certifications.


  • Realtor
The air is the limit when it comes to being a realtor. You have to pass some exams to get your license, but the actual experience needed for this job is next to zero. Plus, if you're operating in cities like Toronto or Vancouver, where real estate prices are bonkers, you'll have sincerely high earning potential.


  • Firefighter
Are you looking for a way to assist your community? You can do that as a firefighter! Plus, you're going to pick up a killer firehouse chili recipe.


  • Landscaper
Being outdoor, working with your hands, and making things grow is all part of being a landscaper. The only downside is that it's difficult to be a landscaper if you have sensitivities to dust, grass, and pollen!


  • Transit Driver
Depending on which city or municipality you're based in, this can be a comfortable or a difficult job. The good news is that they have fantastic salaries and bonuses. If you're the sound driver of your friend group, then you should consider being a bus driver.