Implementing SaaS in the enterprise

There are many examples of Software as a Service available on the market to demonstrate the impact of this solution within a company. But then, how to choose the best option to implement in your system? This is a complex decision and its implementation starts very early in the planning phase. Here's what to take into account when choosing the best solution:

The main thing when evaluating a SaaS is to understand how it should integrate with the business to maximize its benefits. First, find out if there are specific solutions for the company's area of ​​operation . The closer the solution is to your market, the easier it will be to implement.

Then, search for issues relevant to technology governance: what is the licensing policy like, what resources are available in the cloud, what are the responsibilities of both parties in case of problems etc.

If there is a problem with SaaS solutions when compared to their own infrastructure, many of them offer limited customization options. Search for information on additional modules, platform extensions and other tools that can complement the software in the future and give more space to adapt the model to the system.

The Field Service Technician delivers the service and customer assistance during field visits as per the client’s requirements. 

SaaS is a solution based on the relationship between provider and customer, therefore, its efficiency and quality are linked to the support offered.

Never sign a contract without SLA guarantees and good support in general - both in the performance of teams specialized in technical problems and in the documentation offered for the implementation and internal maintenance of the software.