Three Reasons to Stay Addicted to China Red Wine | Try Silky & Smooth Taste

Wine, Asian or western, offers a pleasant, buttery, and finely textured taste. In this blog, we are talking about China red wine and why it is perfect to consume anytime and anywhere. Pun intended! Order and try today, the harmonious blend, juicy, luxurious, and satin-smooth flavor.


Let the China red wine’s quality offers you a wide range of food pairings, and live up to the traditional way of drinking it. As suppliers, we provide our customers a nice wine at a great value. If you are interested in ordering, visit our official website, and browse through the premium collection of red wines.


With a supple mouth feel, you are likely to stay addicted to this red wine, not any other, we must add. Also, red personifies good luck in China and signifies happiness. Not long ago, China became the world’s number one consumer of red wine. Another reason to order today, is not it?


Choose Silver Heights—Emma’s Reserve 2011, a ninety percent Cabernet Sauvignon with balanced Carmenere offering a deep red fruit and smooth mouth feel taste. Here, the three reasons you cannot say no to drinking delicacy:


HelanQingzueJiabeilan Dry Red

This reason’s aged in oak for around 12 months with a deep ruby color, including blackcurrant, smoky, and pepper aromas. If it does not give a good balance of primary taste, you need more of it! Also, perfect for drinking with your meals.


HelanQingzueJiabeilan Reserve Red

It is Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot red wine, with deep color, elegant blackcurrant, and dark chocolate aroma. Experience slinky texture, mineral cut, and trademark vibrance. You would not stay away from lasting nose perfumed, subtle texture, and explosive taste, with it.


Silver Heights Family Reserve

Silver Heights is the premium red wine one cannot help but desire. It is not cheap but has a valued price, with attractive cassis, well-managed herbaceous notes, and black plum Merlot-influenced aroma and flavor. Further, visit Ang Leong Huat, an online China red wine marketplace with a broad product listing to satisfy red wine desires.


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