How Learning Full Body Massage Can Help You


I thought I'd write an article on learning full body massage. I've given it a go myself and my partner is very impressed by my new skills! I can't go into all the techniques fully but this will give you a good idea on what to do. Once you have done the first two easy steps it's just practice from there and in a few weeks you will be able to give a full body massage as well as the next person.

Step one: - setting the scene for that perfect body massage.
Clear away all the clutter, it may sound crazy but a tidy space creates a tidy mind which will help your new subject feel calmer and more relaxed.

Step Two: - Picking the right music.
If you want to give the best full body massage you can, all you need to do is find some soothing music with a holistic feel of mountains or oceans taking your subject far from their day to day stresses.

Once the scene is set and the music is playing nicely at the right volume, you can start giving a full body massage. I used oil at first as it was already at home and is perfect for getting into the flow as it makes sliding your hands up and down someone's back a lot easier.

There are a few techniques to use when giving a massage:

1.       Knuckling - grabbing gently onto the massage area but instead of using your fingers to put the pressure on use your knuckles on the tops of your fingers.

2.       Spider Fingers- walk both hands using the fingers to put pressure onto the area of the body you are massaging in a spider like movement.

3.       Chopping- this techniques is probably the most commonly used when giving a full body massage, using your hands as if chopping up salad, gently chop onto your subject's body.

4.       Pounding - small gentle punches with the side of your fists

Make sure you have both agreed the amount of pressure to use so you don't end up giving a bad massage instead of a great massage. When giving a full body massage you may want to look at massaging the chest, back, shoulders, legs, arms and buttocks. See here 양산출장안마

I would note to be careful when massaging near to the spine. When giving a full body massage and starting on the back it is sometimes nice for the subject, if you massage around the hips and Coccyx area (the bit where if you were an animal your tail would be) to help relieve daily stress and give ultimate relaxation from built up tension.