Regulation of the IT professional

On April 27, 2016 a new bill was presented, number: PL 5101/2016, identified by Alfredo Nascimento - PR / AM, which provides for the regulation of the exercise of the profession of Analyst Systems and their correlates. Last Friday, June 10, Sindpd (Union of Workers in Data Processing and Information Technology, of the state of São Paulo), by the hands of its president, Antonio Neto, took a letter to the acting president Michel Temer , at the Jaburu Palace, which guaranteed to continue the process.

12, true During the meeting, it was agreed that Sindpd will be responsible for producing the draft of a bill on the regulation of the profession. This document will then be delivered to the federal government for later referral to the legislature. "We are going to prepare the project and send it to the Casa Civil. With the support of the president, it will be sent to the National Congress and we will see if he [Temer] can help us by giving us an emergency regime for this," said Neto.


Our original story from 2013, already mentioned 2007 bills, as you can read below. Until today, IT professionals have not managed to achieve the regulation, which wants to guarantee more rights for workers, in addition to benefits for companies. But whoever is in the market knows that this is not all, that in fact the unions really want to receive taxes and have more authority before workers. 


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