IPod Nano Vs. Motorola: Brand Vs. Item


Motorola Chairman/CEO, Ed Zander had some cruel words for Apple with respect to the

synchronous arrival of the iPod nano  ( ন্যানো কম্পিউটার কি )with the Motorola ROKR, be that as it may, more

critically, he had exhortation for his own image also. Having a great deal of past

accomplishment with the RAZR, the ultra smooth and smart flip telephone, Motorola trusted it

had authorization to make the following stride underway: telephone + music. What Motorola

neglected to perceive is that brand consent depends upon the point of view of the

client, not item offering.

Zander openly conceded, "Individuals were searching for an iPod...we may have missed

the promoting message there." The second a little handheld gadget is matched with

iTunes, shoppers expect no not as much as iPod. There is no substitution for the "provocative"

plan of the iPod, and with the arrival of the nano, a considerably more slender, rich shape,

the ROKR was left looking "like another mobile phone." RAZR was effective in light of the fact that it

was a mobile phone that tested the plan of PDAs; it was a brand that

asserted, "you can improve." Consumers were significantly increasingly frustrated when they

found the ROKR just held 100 melodies (in light of the fact that their iPods held in any event ten

times that much). Indeed, research shows that the telephone is being returned at a rate

three to multiple times the business normal.


Initially, the TV promoting for the ROKR was misdirecting also. On-screen characters in the

ads strolled down the road tuning in to music while their shadows and

reflections moved out of sight. At the point when the telephone rang, the shadows and

reflections came back to ordinary. While cunning and satisfying to watch, the plugs

mirrored the iPod/iTunes plugs too intently, bringing the pictures of the dark

outlines against the basic hued screen foundations to mind. Right away,

the client set higher brand norms than the ROKR would ever accomplish. The

client needed iPod.


Significantly subsequent to selling a fourth of a million ROKR telephones in the second from last quarter, the ROKR

is still observed as a disappointment since client convictions and patterns were not thought of.

Accordingly, practices were not motivated to change. Motorola doesn't have the

same consent of the iPod. iPod totally re-imagined a whole classification (MP3s),

turning into the must-have music player inside the marketscape of hardware. Actually,

on the off chance that telephone + music was the genuine vision, iPod ought to have then marked a

telephone. For this situation, the brand should be iPod all together for the client to feel

significant and distinguished. Motorola's center was totally upon item benefits.

Motorola needs to comprehend that item offering is the thing that it is; brand is what the

customer is.


At Stealing Share we intensely advance the idea of brand system over the table

stakes of value, item traits and deals recommendations. Table stakes may work

for a brief timeframe, yet inevitably everybody makes similar offers, requests the equivalent

measure of cash and fulfills advertise requests so as to simply remain above

water. Brand bests this stale purchaser cycle, including individual association,

duty and distinguishing proof to the buy choice. In the event that Motorola had a more grounded

brand, or kept on making items increasingly like the RAZR, maybe the time would

come when the brand had the option to expand into the music domain. At this moment,

Motorola is a telephone model offered by mobile phone suppliers, for example, Sprint and

Verizon. Motorola would require a totally new situation so as to break free from

an absolutely item determined presence. Apple accomplished a higher brand status upon the

arrival of the iPod. With a real brand character notwithstanding a notoriety for

inventive, imaginative plan, Apple had the option to fan out and produce the iPod.

Brand is the thing that permits separation and long haul dependability; it permits iPod to be iPod

by no other name.


Before long, Apple Computer will experience Motorola's scrape with iTunes, however

on a significantly bigger scope with Intel processors. Joining the Intel Inside

innovation into Apple's model will demonstrate both testing and conceivably

risky to the Mac brand. What will Mac need to do with its image informing to

incorporate Intel, an effectively powerful brand flowing through the market space? Will they

need to minimize Intel so as to keep up the uprightness of their image? Or on the other hand will Mac

gradually be changed over to an Intel brand? It will be interesting to see whether the Intel

Macintosh will be a ROKR, RAZR, or iPod. It is hard to foresee whether Mac is

really prepared for this new expansion.


Hence, the fight among brand and item is no reasonable battle. The accomplishment of a

item stays in deals numbers while the accomplishment of brand ventures into each

fiber of the business and the shopper. Brand, commonly, will consistently have the upper

hand since it doesn't remain solitary or close to the opposition. Brand is set

above item and classification with a multitude of buyers to reinforce its each

development inside the market.


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