9 Ways to Prevent Breaking Up

If you are a person who wants to maintain the relationship with your current lover/spouse, but do not know the ways to prevent a break up, you may be surprised by what you can do.

A break up is sometimes inevitable no matter how hard you try to make it work. It has been determined that some people are just not meant to be together so going their separate ways is for the best. However, each situation and each couple dealing with the situation is different. If you are a person who wants to maintain the relationship with your current lover/spouse, but do not know the ways to prevent a break up, you may be surprised by what you can do.


Listed below are 9 ways to prevent a break up.


(1) Learn to Communicate - Did you know that communication is vital in a relationship? If you notice that all talks with your partner lead to a fight, you can try to write all those feelings down in a letter. Try to avoid the arguments that begin from petty things. Before you start pointless and groundless fights, find some type of source or reasoning behind it. For starters, are you the jealous type? Does it come from being cheated on once before or is your current partner cheating on you now? If you can isolate the problem, then you can find a solution.


(2) Avoid making allegations - When you feel wronged, it may be hard to keep your calm. It is important to do this and not be so distrustful. Tell your spouse what the problem is in a cool manner. By yelling and screaming at him/her, you put them on the defensive and it gets the fight going. If you know you will be unable to resist your temper flaring, put all you have to say in a letter. Once they read it, give them some time to sink in and then work out a solution to the problem, if you can.


(3) Leave Out the Insults - Many people who argue wind up usually saying something they are going to regret later on. With those insults hurled at them, many people cannot forgive it. It is one of the worst things a person can do during a fight. For all intent and purposes, forget the insults and talk out the issues calmly.


(4) Tell Your Spouse I Love You - It should be repeated often that you love your partner. Doing this lets your partner know that you are grateful to be with them. If you do this often, it will stay etched in their mind. Telling them “I love you” is one of several ways to prevent a break up.


(5) Pay Attention and Be Supportive - It may be hard to distinguish but if you know your partner well, you will know when they need you most. This is especially helpful if your spouse has a difficult time expressing what he or she needs. Sometimes couples realize they can’t guess so they’ll need to ask.


(6) Pay Attention to You - When people get into a relationship, they tend to neglect their own needs. If this seems to be an issue, talk with your partner. A natural feeling is to take it out on your partner.


(7) Simmer Down before Problem Solving - Have you ever tried to come up with a solution when you are upset? To come up with any resolutions, you need to first calm down so you can rationally think about the problem at hand.


(8) Taking Time for Just Two - Try to spend at least once a week together to work out any issues you may have. This is also a good time to make any imperative decisions. Set aside a day you both can spend together.


(9) Never Fib - Every person tells a lie every now and then. Not lying is another one of several ways to prevent a break up so try to remember to never try to lie to your spouse. Never underestimate or take for granted telling those little white lies.


Sometimes you must learn to give up on a relationship. If a person is verbally or physically abusing, ask yourself if this is someone you want to continue living together with? If your spouse constantly cheats on you and you consistently take him/her back, why would they want to change? No doubt this is not a way to prevent a break up but it can be a way to see past the problems and try to work them out.


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