Measures to increase logical security

An effective system for protecting the company's network must be structured around a solid policy. To start, you need to keep firewalls, antivirus and security software up to date and generate periodic reports. Remember to invest in reference programs in the market and in professional versions, so that they meet the needs of your company.

These are the basic actions that every manager must take. We will list, below, complementary points to which you should pay special attention, according to the profile of your company.

Registration of users and passwords
Who should access your company's system? What functions are available for each employee? How to prevent actions from being taken anonymously? Registering users and passwords for each employee is a simple way to answer these questions. In addition to preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing the network, it identifies what each user does and facilitates security control.


The Information security engineer should work in collaboration with the information security team to offer support to security tools and technologies such as firewall, proxy server, remote access, and others. 

Use of encryption
Certain information is sensitive and cannot be disclosed to anyone. Contracts with customers, confidential company data and information regarding ongoing projects are some examples of this. The spill can damage not only financially but also create legal problems for the company.

Therefore, the use of an encryption system on computers makes information incomprehensible to unauthorized people. The files are only readable by those who have authorization within your company's system. It is an extremely efficient way to guarantee security, and is even used by banks and institutions that deal with data with restricted access.

Backup system 
There is no need for physical damage to servers for your data to be compromised or completely lost. A network failure can make information unavailable and even corrupt files, causing huge losses.

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