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Typically most external facades and UPVC windows will be available in white, although other colours are available. However recent advances in the production process for UPVC have meant that homeowners no longer have to be confined to plain, white window films. These days it's entirely possible to have your windows and doors fitted with a range of different colours and styles. The advantage of this is of course that if you have an outside home decorator it's far more likely they'll be able to suggest a range of different designs and colours than if you're attempting it yourself.


For the vast majority of people the main consideration when selecting a colour is that it should compliment the rest of the house. This is particularly relevant for UPVC and vinyl windows which have been deliberately designed to be low maintenance, offering a long lifespan and highly reliable resistance to the elements. It's also worth remembering that windows and doors made from these materials do not need to be painted in order to maintain their durability. They are designed to stand the test of time with little effort.


If you have concerns about the longevity of a UPVC window then perhaps it's time to think again. Although originally these were not thought to be particularly durable, modern UPVC window frames have been developed with extra coatings and extra strength in key areas. The result is a range of window frames, which are far more robust and longer lasting than the traditional versions. It's therefore important to consider using upvc for exterior window frames wherever possible.


One of the major benefits of using UPVC for exterior windows and doors is the excellent air ventilation offered. Windows and doors made from UPVC don't allow warm or cold air to enter or exit through them. This is achieved by using a combination of double glazing and multi-point locking. Double glazing means that when a window is left open the insides are sealed; however, when a door or window is closed the glazing is replaced with a thick aluminum pane. As air is able to pass freely through these two layers the overall temperature of the building becomes cooler and this improves the indoor comfort of the residents.


Another great benefit of using upvc windows and doors is that they provide excellent thermal insulation. Air enters and leaves a house through these doors and windows, and although the process is naturally cold it works extremely well. This works because the glazed windows and doors work like a barrier, drawing in warm and cold air respectively. When they are left open, the space is left without any heat or cold air, which creates an environment that is incredibly comfortable both in summer and in winter. This is essential in helping to reduce energy bills and help to improve the climate change impact that is felt throughout the home.

These windows and doors are very low maintenance. They do require a little maintenance from time to time, which is largely a case of wiping down with a damp cloth once in a while. You should never use soap or other harsh chemicals to wipe them down because they can be damaged. You should also never use water to clean them as this can cause damage to the aluminium. If you do end up damaging the glazing you can always replace them, but you will need to know the correct type of door and window to ensure that you don't end up making any further mistakes. There are many fantastic suppliers online who offer a comprehensive assortment of UPVC windows and doors which include all the main styles, so finding the perfect fit for your house should not be a problem.


A further advantage of the UPVC doors and windows offered by specialist suppliers is that they are far more durable than traditional wood. Although wood plays an important part in making a property more attractive, there are numerous examples of homes where it has been used to build a house, only to have the doors or windows fall away due to the fact that they were not properly protected with UPVC. This means that if you are planning on buying a house in the near future then you will definitely want to think about purchasing a set of UPVC windows and doors.


As already mentioned, UPVC windows and doors are ideal for insulating a house and for carrying out cosmetic changes as well. The materials used to make these windows and doors are also extremely strong and can also resist high pressures. If you are worried about the strength of these types of windows then you needn't be because as previously mentioned, their strength exceeds that of any wooden frame and doors, making them extremely reliable. You should also be aware that because polyvinyl chloride is lightweight the weight of the material is very low, meaning that you won't have to pay extra to make a large room look roomier. If you want to reduce energy bills then one of the best ways to do so is by installing new windows and doors, which have excellent thermal insulation properties.


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