telecom companies are investing in AI systems

AI in the telecom industry encompasses a myriad of focus areas. Customer service and network optimization are at the top of that list. Throughout this year, some of the biggest implementations of AI will be in these spaces (this seems redundant). In fact, according to IDC 63 percent of telecom companies are investing in AI systems this year.

Predictive analytics is one of the most promising capabilities of AI technology, especially for the telecom community. AI-based analytics provide telecom companies with the ability to use data and machine learning software to predict future industry trends and potential infrastructure snags, and to continuously assess their service for bugs or potential pitfalls.

Additionally, AI-based chat-bots and virtual assistants will transform the way businesses handle customer service. They can automate conversations and successfully mimic human speech, while drawing data and insights to provide personalized and positive experiences. Tech leader Mark Hurd believes that 85 percent of interactions with customers will be automated by 2020.
Much like ecosystems function in nature, industrial ecosystems are a network of cross-industry organizations that work together to create a stronger, more advanced industry. The telecom industry will see a move toward creating those lucrative ecosystems.

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According to a recent Accenture report, ecosystems will unlock $100 trillion in value during the next 10 years by unlocking competitive agility. Telecom companies have the highest potential to come together and form such alliances. Industry leaders agree, with 83 percent citing ecosystems as an important piece of their disruption strategy.

The introduction of IoT networks, backed with 5G capabilities, will make this even easier and will allow companies to seamlessly collaborate to advance these technologies across their networks.You might have heard terms like "Hosted PBX", "Cloud PBX" or "Virtual PBX" when shopping around for the right phone system solution for your business. There's really not much difference. To put it simply, NetFortris public cloud phone system solution allows you all the features the big guys have without worrying about an actual PBX box at your business location. Instead, we host your phone service on our servers using your internet connection and provide you the desk phones. Pair that with an affordable monthly price and without all the headaches of owning, installing and managing complicated hardware and software.

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