WEB READS NEWS 1st Edition


Online version: https://justpaste.it/8f5gl
Published: 2021-04-07
Updated: 2021-04-17
Writer: George Frias

WEB READS NEWS 1st Edition
2021-04 Volume


In March 2021 gyrospring.com and awwshop.com became the live addresses for their websites. This is all thanks to a free service, thank you Cloudflare.

On April 8th, 2021 skirbunk.com was purchased. The website is proposed to be an outlet for creativity.

Web Reads

The toplist service closed, so I deleted my toplist and then also deleted my photo gallery.

Home, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Wellness will use JustPaste.it to do the same thing.

A video links section will be added to the homepage.


The website will be shutting down to become an update service for Awwshop software.


Up until last month, Gyrospring.com always pointed to something I thought was clever because there was no website for it anymore. Today, it will be Internet Search, including the store and voice commands.

Before GyroSpring.com starts operating as an attraction, a privacy system will need to be created alongside the creation of a view system.


Awwshop will continue to be a research website for software manufacturing.


The idea for the website is to be the nexus for my creative works, project lead is at AllMyLinks.