The Benefits of an Overhead Garage Door!


Overhead garage doors have gone a long way since their invention, and they may be the best option for you if you want something durable but simple to operate and maintain. If you are looking at investing in a new garage door, read on to learn more about the advantages of an overhead garage door.


Increased security
The most adept criminals can break open a garage door in a couple of seconds if it does not have updated safety features. For example, thieves can quickly find a way to manually yank your garage door’s safety release mechanism. On the other hand, a tech-proficient burglar might be able to hack the fixed code of your garage door opener to access your home.   


Overhead garage doors now come with smart openers that use the latest technology to keep burglars at bay.  Openers with advanced encryption, such as rolling codes and frequency bands, will make it far more difficult for criminals to hack into your system than they did in the past. Some openers can be connected to a smartphone app that tells you whether your door is open or closed remotely. This is extremely useful in cases when you may have forgotten to click the button on your way out of the garage or if someone has gained unauthorized entrance to your garage.


Better insulation
Installing a new overhead garage door is a beneficial investment for most homes since it can help save money on energy costs in the long run. Why? Because old garage doors offer little to no thermal efficiency. During instances of extreme weather, your old garage door may not have the ability to block cold or hot air from entering your home, and this may have a significant impact on your energy expenditures.


New overhead garage doors are engineered to be more energy efficient. When you install an insulated garage door, you benefit from the extra steel layers and insulating materials. A well-insulated garage door is very important if your garage is attached to your home or if you live in a region where the temperature varies a lot throughout the year. If you use your garage as a workspace for a hobby or something, an insulated garage door will help keep the temperature inside stable and comfortable.


Less maintenance
Most modern overhead garage doors require very little maintenance, and the door manufacturer will replace any broken parts under warranty. Furthermore, newer garage doors employ several smart features that make them less expensive to maintain. Because its components are engineered to work together, your overhead garage door will require fewer repairs and less time and money for the upkeep.


More designs
Overhead doors have evolved from being boring and unsightly to becoming entirely customizable. With more designs and materials available, you now have the option of selecting a style that complements your home's exterior. If you want something that looks like an old-fashioned carriage door, there are steel options that look like it. There are more durable and energy-efficient options that give the look of a wooden door without the associated disadvantages.

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