San Paolo Against Napoli

Inter recovered well from the defeat at San Paolo against Napoli and got rid of Gasperini's Genoa without too many worries.


A rocket start for the Nerazzurri, who after less than a minute present themselves immediately in the Genoa area with a good Ljaijc-Palacio play, with the ball ending in Melo, but the Brazilian's conclusion is high.


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Inter are certainly more brilliant than Genoa and with the twins Jovetic-Ljaijc they keep the host defense in constant apprehension, even if they are never dangerous.


Only in the final half of Mancini's men return to bring a serious threat to the Griffin with Ljaijc, who collects a precise cross from Telles and directs a safe blow towards the goal from two steps, but Perin is amazing in the response for a corner.


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Time out is still the Serbian to present himself to the shot from the edge, but his lash ends on the side of Gasperini's goalkeeper. The first half then ends with a score of 0 to 0 with Inter constantly in the Genoa half, but unable to break the deadlock.


After a first half to act as a throw-in, Genoa started the recovery in a more encouraging way and with Figueiras almost got the advantage on a counterattack, but Handanovic said no. Jovetic replies, prompted by Palacio, but his split ends high.


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In the quarter of an hour, Inter took the lead with Ljaijc, who invented a cross-kick from a free kick that mocked Perin. In the final, Genoa tries to get back into the game by moving their center of gravity forward with the entry of Pandev, but Inter holds up well the impact. In the final, Inter remain in ten men due to the expulsion.


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