8 Ball Pool format & rules.

1. Format - Brackets style.

2. You are only allowed to use the Beginner Cue.
3. Boards - London/ Beijing / Dallas.
4. Any sort of mods or hacks are not allowed. If any player is found guilty,  He/She shall be banned without any further discussions.
5. Both players (according to the brackets) should share their Unique ID in the match channel and add each other as friends before proceeding with the match.
6. The wait time in the first round is 10 minutes and the wait time from the second round onwards is 5 minutes only.
7. The winners of every round have to submit a screenshot of their aim in ball and a screenshot of their win. Your name and the opponent's name should be clear in the aim screenshot.

8. There will be a rematch if you haven't taken aim and win screenshot.

(NOTE : There's no need to provide the aim screenshot if your opponent leave the match. But, you will have to prove that).

9. Winner have to submit victory(win) screenshot in submit score section and aim screenshot in their lobby chat.