The Secrets of Success With Girls - Dates - How to Make Them Work For You

Girls. Dates. Whether you want to play the field or prefer to take that one sex kitten that you had been eying for the past few months out is a proposition that most men will jump at and grab with both hands. But before you can think of how wonderful your evenings will be, you need to get yourself acquainted with a few rules and etiquette of the dating game Milton Keynes escorts 

Rules of girls, dates, and etiquette that you should follow
Of course, like in every game, there are rules and etiquette. The dating game or "Game" for short is no different. If you know and play by them you will be landing 9's and 10's in no time.



  • Women prefer well groomed and well turned out men who smell good, brush their teeth, comb their hair and appear with clean, well pressed clothes and clean, dirt free nails and hands and toes.
  • However, there is a word of caution. Don't overdo your decking up. Looking cool and dapper is acceptable, but then again, women don't like men who pay too much attention to get up. The last thing a woman will want is a guy who prefers checking out his hair in the mirror instead of paying attention to her
  • Yes, you really do need to to brush your teeth before you go and pick her up. It doesn't matter if you "did it this morning". Do it again, it doesn't take long. Always remember, on girls' dates, first impression is the last impression.



  • Remember, your attitude can make or break your evening. Try to be yourself, your natural self and portray a man in control, who is confident, successful, honest, but at the same time generous, sensitive and chivalrous with an opinion of his own.
  • Don't act like a sissy, but don't also come across as highly opinionated, boorish or over smart.
  • Instead of drifting away while she is talking, participate in her conversation and be an active listener on all your dates. Girls will notice.


By simply taking some time to take care of the basics, you'll be going on many 2nd dates with girls of your choosing.

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