network technician job description

 CompTIA network technician job description:

CompTIA Network + (Network Plus) certification is a perfect application for IT beginners looking for the process of setting up, managing, and configuring different networks. CompTIA Certification + Certification is a product that identifies customers and understands the capabilities of cards to troubleshoot network history, identify different types, and troubleshoot network, hardware, and functionality issues.

This is not necessary, but it is recommended that you have some knowledge of the Windows operating system and the Windows network before preparing for the exam. At least nine months of network service or network support is also an added benefit. Over the past decade, the demand for online support / management professionals has increased, and this demand is expected to increase in the coming years. In the marketplace it can be taken, Network + certification helps you stand out from the rest or a very important level in the growth process.

CompTIA + certification is not only an important IT certification, but also a globally recognized certification of knowledge and skills of IT professionals.

Leading international companies, such as HP, Dell, Sharp, Ricoh, and Xerox, require or recommend CompTIA Network + Engineering Certified. Networking is also a technical area recognized by the United States Department of Defense.

CompTIA network technician salary will be $ 74,000.The salaries of certified professionals vary according to work experience, experience and team members. An online pro with less than a year's experience has a median salary of $ 45,200. Salaryv ụrụ increases with increasing experience and changes significantly in the median of those with at least ten years of experience.