Adsense Seminar, Sow Bac Tong Edition

Come on, today is an auspicious day. As promised to my friends About the canceled seminar but will write an article on the board instead …..

The article will be divided into sections. I will try to write once a week. It is expected that the end of this year will be over! I don't know which writer and reader will have more patience.:-)


Before starting the seminar It's like a general seminar style. They will have to introduce the speakers first. But I think most of my forum friends probably already know me. So you don't have to bring anything much. But if any friend doesn't know me and wants to know me better You can read the history on my blog here.

But before seriously entering the content of the seminar I want to complain about the general stuff first. Just like when I said that at the Margay Hotel. Complained like water for almost an hour before. rather th


an speaking into the actual content, My friends are half asleep.

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Let's get into the matter better. The first thing I would like to say is 


“Zhou Bac Tong is not a god, not a Saint, not knowing everything.”


I'm just an ordinary person here. Just maybe they have more knowledge about Internet Marketing than the general public because they have studied before others, and counting, it's been almost ten years since I've been through the heat and cold in this industry.


But that doesn't mean I'm good, and I know everything. Sometimes you meet friends who shoot difficult questions. dumb eating the same Maybe ask me about Programming Aiya! How many times have I told you and I don't know? that I'm not a programmer Sometimes they ask about using software that I have never even heard of before! It's like how to do it like this, how to do it ….. Oh my god, I haven't seen the face of software yet, how can I answer it?

So, don't expect much from me. What I know, I know, I'd be happy to answer. But that's another answer from me. will always be the last answer.....

Sou Bak Tong is also wrong!

Followed by the second item ……..

“Making money on the net It takes effort and patience, just like any other business.”

I personally I look at making money on the Internet as a business. Which I would like to tell my friends that it's famous for doing business, it's not pork at all.


Business requires attention, care, research, and development all the time, and most certainly it requires some investment ……. Do not expect anything that is easy or free. Easy Money type ….. Do not do anything. Pay him and sit and wait, counting money, counting the profits, so be careful!


Most people tend to be addicted to greed and greed, hoping to get rich easily. without thinking of investing, putting in the effort, investing time, investing money, investing knowledge that will be used in real business development which if you think like this Don't go expecting to be rich easily, hoping that the simple poor should have more chances!!


Want business to grow to want to earn a lot of money No need to search for formulas or find a magician anywhere to help. It all depends on one brain and two hands of your friends. That's all!


There is no better and more wonderful “business opportunity” than a business opportunity on the Internet.

If there is a question for me to think Tell me which channel or which business opportunity is better and more cool than business opportunity on the internet?? To be honest, I really don't think so.


What other business will there be? The investment is very low (some people say that they do not need to invest at all), but are able to access markets around the world. Without public holidays!


During the past 10 years, there have been so many new millionaires in the Internet industry that it is impossible to count the number. We don't have to give an example like the owners of Amazon, eBay or Google again. Let's raise it until we are bored.


Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the website. I'll let you know later if I can figure it out. It's a website about jokes. Collection of jokes from around the world. By giving members the opportunity to submit a joke ……. Sounds like a simple website.


Nothing But this website has a Newsletter service "Joke of The Day", that is, it will send jokes to members via e-mail a day, but only the best jokes are sent to make them smile every day. With a service fee of $1 per month !! It's like a foreigner's money.


Just for this friend of mine, It has to be said that it's definitely not a fraction of money because there are almost 50,000 members who are willing to pay $1 per month here. You have to press the calculator yourself …….. Plus, this is an income from many years ago. Now I don't know if it accepts more than a hundred thousand members or not?

This is a small example to listen to. In fact, there are many more examples. But if they were to sit and type like this, they wouldn't be able to. to have the opportunity to sit and talk Then gradually listen to it would be better.

But I can confirm ……. There is no “business opportunity” that is more wonderful and wonderful than a business opportunity on the Internet. Listen to the flag !!


On the internet Who is the person you are listening to or reading?? Don't trust anyone easily (including me).

because it is an internet medium It's so easy to hide the true identity of the deceitful person, create a story to deceive the villagers …… so on the Internet Don't just believe anything easily. What you know, try to sit and think. sit down and analyze That it is reasonable enough to be trusted or not??

Don't be fooled by illusions. fake reputation With someone claiming to be a guru, picking up checks and showing various stats that they only make money, the intent is to create incentives and mix greed for people who visit and read so that they can sell e-books, sell software. etc.

Tell me how to make you rich like him! Having said that, it doesn't look any different from a person who pretends to be a teacher. sitting selling lottery envelopes Are you at the bus stop line? I don't know if it's still there nowadays.

When I was still riding the bus to school I used to stand to see the teacher You've been calculating it for a while, picking up that, plus this, minus that, and that's the exact number. As accurate as the eye can see, but why not? Why didn't your teacher go and buy it? don't have to sit in the heat Selling lottery envelopes here?


But I don't mean that everyone who sells e-books and sells software is a scam. Of course, there must be real ones. a diamond in the mud Without a doubt, just before deciding to believe decide to receive information Let's practice in our real business.

I want to be judged with intelligence first, not with greed, desire or emotion!!

On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog

Today, let's do this first ……. I'm exhausted from typing. Let's talk again next week.