Risk of Motorcycle Crashes: What You Need To Know


Motorcycle accidents are usually fatal traffic accidents in this country, with a death rate per occupant almost twice as high as automobiles. And the injuries sustained can be catastrophic. If you are injured or have lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, you should contact a motorcycle injury lawyer Beverly Hills. They can help you understand your rights and legal options to make an informed choice about your situation.

Why is Motorcycling so Risky?

Though motorcycles are easier to maneuver, handle and park than cars and trucks, they have a greater chance of being involved in a crash. Motorcycles are smaller, lighter, and not protected by a frame or bodywork, so riders are exposed to the dangers of the road.

Whether you're sliding on the pavement, riding through water, or hitting a bump at high speed, your body could be pelted by flying objects or struck by the bike itself. Motorcycles are relatively unstable vehicles with no safety features. Because of this, they're 3x more likely to crash than other vehicles, according to the NHTSA.

According to our experienced motorcycle injury attorney Beverly Hills, here are some of the risks involved in motorcycle riding, which you should be aware of:

Less Visible to Cars

Motorcycles remain obscure to other cars on the road, mainly when hidden in blind spots. Bikes are kept out of sight by being smaller than cars, tucked behind obstacles, and traveling faster. That is why motorcyclists have a higher chance of injury if a vehicle accident occurs due to less visibility.

Road Hazards

Depending on the model, a typical motorcycle weighs less than a car, as much as 25-50% less. That makes it susceptible to road hazards that otherwise would not affect a car's steering or braking. An object as small as a pebble can be the culprit. While vehicles tend to float over rough pavement and even wet roads, motorcycles don't perform well under these conditions and can lose control, causing a collision.

No Protection on Road

The lack of protection between the rider and the road makes motorcycle accidents far more dangerous. Motorcycles have less mass and more momentum than cars, meaning they tip more easily when they are hit, resulting in severe injuries to the rider.

How can a Capable and Resourceful Motorcycle Injury Attorney at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch Help You?

Whether you have been in a motorcycle accident or injured someone in an accident, it can be difficult to pursue legal action by yourself. One of the most important things you will need is an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer Beverly Hills who can handle insurance companies.

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