Nash Metropolitan Engine Rebuild Service

The condition of your car depends on servicing it on a regular basis. When you show love and care to your car through regular car service and car maintenance, you acquire several benefits. And, you also get to enjoy a smooth driving experience at the same time.



Kip Motor Company

Kip Motor Company offers you the parts, expertise, and information needed to restore and maintain your British, European and Domestic exotic vintage vehicle(s) to its maximum level of authenticity and originality and back on the road as soon as possible. The team members possess extensive knowledge of British automobiles and their history, culture, craftsmanship, marketing, and manufacturing processes, also known as Carchaeology. They offer a huge inventory of vehicle parts including new-old-stock, using new production, and authentic reproductions. Their passionate staff is dedicated to offer and protect relics of their historical past. Kip Motor Company brings in passionate craftsmen and technicians for maintaining and restoring vehicles to the maximum level of authenticity.


Services Kip Motor Company Offers

Their experienced service team offers every service a car requires, ranging from tune-ups and Nash Metropolitan Engine Rebuild carburetor to brake and clutch system rebuilds to debugging electrical gremlins to get your vehicle running and more importantly stopping when required. They specialize in restoring vintage vehicles back to their old original manufactured specifications. They offer all their old-world skills and expertise for everything ranging from cosmetic touch-ups and mechanical overhauls to award-winning, frame-off restorations to meet the restoration requirements.


The Vehicle for whom Kip Motor Company offers its Services

Kip Motor Company brings in the globally leading comprehensive vehicle parts inventory for Metropolitan, London Taxi, and other uncommon British post-war rides from Austin to Vauxhall. The vehicles Kip Mptpr services are AC, AEC, Allard, Alvis, Armstrong-Siddeley, Austin – A30, A40, A50, A70, A90, 1100-1300, Bedford, Berkeley, BMC, Commer, Daimler, Dellow, Fairthorpe, English Ford – Anglia, Prefect, Consul, & Cortina, Hillman Minx – Phase, Mark, Series, Humber, Jensen, Jowett, Karrier, London Taxi – FX3, FX4 & Beardmore, Lotus, Metropolitan – Hudson, Nash & AMC, MG, Mini, Morgan, Morris, Reliant, Riley, Rover, Singer, Standard, Sunbeam, Triumph, Vanden Plas, Vauxhall, Wolseley, LUCAS Lamps and Lenses, Antique Distributor Caps, and Exotic Domestic Trim.


Assurances Offered by Kip Motor Company’s Services

All their vehicle parts are completely warranted against any material defects and workmanship for a one-year period from the shipment date.  Any of the parts will be exchanged with a similar one if it fails in service. They accept returns for a full refund or exchange up to 90 days and for parts exchange up to 180 days from the shipment date.  They offer free ground shipping on orders over $1000 in 48 contiguous states as well.



Why Choose Kip Motor Company

Kip Motor Company now hires 12 individual carchaeologist who are experienced journeymen and women, and apprentices and interns as well. Hiring a team of old-world skills and with the help of their understanding of period manufacturing processes, and cutting-edge technology, Kip Motor Company is now able to ensure to restore yesterday’s antique/collector vehicles, maintain, and preserve them for current and future generations to visualize. Undoubtedly you can call their experts for parts, service, and technical help if you are planning to start a restoration project


Kip Motor Company keeps on acquiring and expanding more in their expertise including servicing and restoring several uncommon British, European and exotic domestic vehicles. Their reputation to perform accurate, authentic restorations vehicles works is well-known throughout the whole industry. They strive to stay dedicated to their customers and to the preservation and development of the skills and procedures needed to preserve the transportation history.