What Are The Best Women Games For Android?

For all the women in the family and who have a brand new tablet or smartphone, they will surely be interested in different women games for android that I want to share today, I am talking about Fashion Story, Littlest Pet Shop, Star Girl, Los Sims and an extra like Glopgame Drinking Games .

The reality is that there are thousands of entertainments to know on Google Play, but in the following article we are going to present five perfect games for them.

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Free Women Games

Fashion Story

Women Games

It is one of the favorite women's games and of the moment, almost with the same popularity as the flawless Restaurant Stor and that its managers were in charge of creating this same entertainment with great success. We are talking about Fashion Story and its goal is for the girls to run a real fashion store .

But that's not all because in turn they have to make the decoration of the premises at ease, unlock clothes from the best brands on the market, make their own avatar dress and much more.

Littlest Pet Shop [ Download ]

littlest Pet Shop

Another popular game for them is Littlest Pet Shop and it is easily available on Google Play. It is an entertainment with quite dynamics, very well seen and with an absolute virality .

The women's game is in Castilian language and the objective of it is the correct care of dogs, cats, bears among other animals while creating a village with houses.

Star Girl [ Download ]

Star girl

If they are interested in being a future star , then they should try the Star Girl game, as the name implies we are going to try to achieve glory by singing, acting or being a supermodel.

There are a large number of missions to enjoy and each of them should be completed to obtain new clothes and fashionable accessories. In turn, the little star can look for the man of her dreams.

Each woman can use a special code to be able to play with her friends and enjoy the game together, as well as share photos on Facebook.

The Sims [ Download ]

The Sims

There is a totally free version of The Sims for Android support and you can create up to 16 characters, relate them to each other, make a profession selection, design houses and take care of pets.

As you can see, there is not much to envy to the "premium" version of the game, because it is also possible that two characters have a family and share an unforgettable marriage. However, there is a problem: it is necessary to have a network connection.

Bonus track!

Glop Game [ https://btartboxes.com/ ]

Glop Game

To enjoy a classic clothing game , you can check out Glop Game as it is a really fun format and a world first.

These are different card games with alternative tests, challenges, daring questions and answers and not so much to achieve a unique moment with friends.