Career in Telecommunications Engineering

A telecom engineer typically is given complete responsibility of constructing a telecommunication system or device. This entails that the engineer drafts the plan, design and also configure the hardware and software requirements to achieve the desired telecommunication system/device.

As one grows in this profession, he/she will also have to compile engineering project proposals to define goals, identify scope, background and need and also estimate the costing of the equipment, parts and services.

Analytical and problem solving skills are always an added advantage for a telecommunications engineer as identifying and analyzing problems of the existing telecommunications systems so that one can determine the most effective ways of reducing and eliminating future problems for improved communication levels.

The basic qualification that the job requires is an Engineering Degree in Electronic or Telecommunications. But like any other profession a degree alone cannot guarantee success. Companies prefer employees who have the basic knowledge of telecom operations with a dollop of an attitude to learn and adapt. The world of telecommunications is ever changing thus to be able to adapt to new technologies is a must in this job role.

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