Chapter 63

Page 1
this sound echoed endlessly ... like the translucent bell of the bells. It echoed deep in my ears ... like a lullaby. And when that sound ...
Page 2
Lithos- suddenly became deformed … where am I? I feel like I've been sleeping for a long time .... this sound ... is what I've been listening to all this time.
Page 3
Lithos- a sand watch filled with gold and diamonds! Impressive...
Page 4
Cronus - who are you?
Lithos - I'm sorry ... Hey ... My name is Lithos...
Cronus - “gemstone”?
Lithos - ah ..... yes, in Greek it means that. It is the name my father gave me ... wishing I had a bright life.
Page 5
Lithos - Hey, I'd like to know your name too!
Cronus - my name? when I woke up I had a ... but ... now I do not remember ... I'm captive in this castle of the underworld ... and I dedicate myself to spinning this watch of sand ... this is my duty ... now, this is all I remember.
Lithos - but....
Page 6
Lithos - they also brought me here by force. You should not be doing nothing forever. Run away with me!
Cronus - Run away?
Lithos - Yes! They brought you by force too, and you're doing something you do not want, right?
Page 7
Lithos - What are you doing now, and what do you really want?
Cronus - what I want I believe... a long time ago my mother had entrusted me with a very important task ... since that was over ... I was scared all the time ...
Page 8
Cronus - I feared the darkness ... and I always thought ... that I would like to live in the sunlight.
Lithos - To live in the light of the sun .... for this you do not need any permission ... nor anything else! because everyone has the right ... to live in the sunlight! let's go!
Page 9
Lithos - the earth washed by sunlight ... is for everyone!
Cronus - The land ... is for .. all ..
Page 10
Cronus - the sun ... under my care ... it was dark as darkness ... and devoid of brilliance ... it was a black sun.
Page 11
Aiolia - a wind ...! This gale .... is what Hyperion has used as a’s not like the Ebony Vortex of before! the wind itself is full of destructive momentum.
Page 12
The earth touched by the wind .... is disappearing.
Milo - Evaporated ?!
Aldebaran - It’s a phenomenon that only happens with high temperature winds !!
Shaka - a stream of charged particles ?!
Page 13
A solar wind!
Hyperion - Helios Vortex!
Page 14
Aldebaran - a high-temperature gale, coming at 700 km per second !! And Aiolia is too hurt to face this!
Page 15
Aldebaran - Great Horn
Milo - the blow of the iron arm ... ripping the gale of heat!
Aldebaran - the wind ... exploded ?!
Page 16
Hyperion - Helios Prominence
Page 17
Aldebaran - snakes of flames!! there are many !! I will not be able to get rid of all of them!
Page 18
Milo - scarlet needle. I'll stick out all the prominences! but the repulsed prominences melt the earth and turn it into lava! without protection on the ground .... aiolia is in danger!
Page 19
Shaka - Kahn. I will not allow the incandescent flames ... or the creeping lava to hit Aiolia.
but ... in the middle of the flames, we are restricted to defense ... without counterattack, we will not have a chance to win !!
Milo - if only he could afford the fire around us !!
Aldebaran - we could get back together and counterattack!
Milo - a lava wave!
Page 20
Milo - camus !!
Camus - finally, I reached them ... but what cosmos is that ?! nor can I freeze it.
impossible to repel all this cosmos that comes as a strong wave !!
Page 21
Shaka - a body attack ?!
Milo - No, he's not coming up from us !!
Camus - his target is the floor !!
Shaka - He intends to destroy the soil under our feet in order to knock us down in the lava !!
Page 23
Shura - Excalibur.
Milo - Shura !! finally you arrived !!
Shura - It’s different from the sword of Kreios... and much more rigid ... and heavy!
Page 24
Shura - and even in the midst of these great cosmo flares ... he does not lose his rational cold look !! It’s a sign that you have not yet shown everything you know how to do !!
Hyperion - Who are you ... that stands before me !!
Page 25
Hyperion - It does not matter .... if it is another who does not fear me ... then all come to me.
I am the God who commands the sun ... I provide light to all alike ... as well as ... offer death to everyone alike. choose the end you want for your life ...
Page 26
Aiolia - So, I'll be the first. but I will not die. I'll fight to win ... alias, on second thought ...
All this war started with the fight between you and me !!
Page 27
Aiolia - so it's not fair that we end it ... you're going to have to come with me to the end. Your God, is now .... this fight will end !!