Chapter 65
Page 1
Aiolia- This is the real one ?! Or another image?! Anyway, you can not escape this distance !! If so ...
Page 2
Aiolia - I'm going to have to go upstairs !! Real or just an image, I'll have to sew everything!
Page 3
Aiolia - I hit him!!! But a blow is just a little!! It has to be several in a row !! increase rotation!
Page 4
Aiolia - while he uses this huge sword, he will not be able to deliver consecutive blows !!! Lightning plasma. He's gone ... he's going to counterattack !!
Page 5
Aiolia - Come on!! I need to ... divert. I got it !! And I'm going to take advantage of the break from the end of the stroke to hit him again! He turned his body at high speed ....
Page 6
Aiolia - to turn one hundred and eighty degrees, and give the next blow ... at the shortest distance !!
Page 7
Hyperion - Prominent Sword!
Aiolia - Damn it!! I can not find a gap! Better forget what I learned about him in the last fight! I did not imagine that Hyperion ... a god ... with all his strength released ...
Page 8
Aiolia - could be so powerful.
Hyperion - What are you doing on the floor? Get up. I stand up to create a future ... and you ... stand up to see your life locked up.
Aiolia - .... damn it ... do not come with this, no ... I'm not here ... just to finish this fight ... I also need ... to recover something very important for me ...
Page 9
Aiolia - Wait for me!! Lithos !! Opening the universe. Release Cosmo.
Aldebaran - On the face, a powerful blow like the Photon Burst ... on top ... In the new version, combined with the Lightning Bolt !!
Shura - But it was not a choice made to win!
Camus - It was more because he is too tired to prolong this fight any longer !!
Page 10
Aiolia - Here I go!!
Page 11
Lithos - This way!! My cosmo is indicating !! Going in the direction in which the castical falls unintentionally will we leave this labyrinth? Yes! It's what I expect...
Cronus - Know.
Lithos - It's all right! Do not worry. we will try!! And also ... who knows, it does not arrive in the meantime?
Page 12
Cronus - To arrive? who?

Lithos - my lord ... maybe he will save me ... I know I'm just a servant of the Leo Temple ... but ... he would come for me ... yes .. sure, he will. For he is strong ... and, above all, kind. but that's exactly why I preferred ... instead of coming to save me ....
Page 13
Lithos - that he would use all his strength to help as many people as possible ... so I want to escape from here alone and leave him alone to do his duty!
Cronus - If you are on the list of all these people you mentioned .... surely she had managed to escape ... she could be quiet ...
Lithos - In this case, you too can rest easy.
Cronus -because?
Page 14
Lithos - because, of course, you are also on the list ... of the people Master Aiolia wants to save. He would never leave anyone in need of help. Master Aiolia is like this!
Cronus - Aiolia ....
Lithos - So, I'll do it one more time !!
Cronus - Where do I know the name from?
Page 15
Cronus - Would not that be the name ... of the one who saved me once? freeing me from the darkness that had long held me, with a flash of glittering lightning?
Aiolia - photon drive.
Aldebaran - He gathered the photons in his right arm ... meaning...
Milo - He will use the new version of the blow!! If you hit that one, that would be the end of the fight !!
Page 16
Hyperion - This .... is the power that defeated Koios?! Then I will not use my sword! I will break his blow ... with the most powerful blow I have!
Page 17
Aiolia - the symbol of the infinite shines emanating prominence ?!
Page 18
Page 19
Shaka - Serpent Ouroboros, the snake that swallows the tail !! The symbols that represent life and regeneration and the infinite !! And it is joining the right arm of Hyperion, along with the flames !! Does it mean ... that his blow possesses the power of infinite flames and eternal regeneration ?!
Camus - Do not go Aiolia !!
Shura - Do not face him now !!
Page 20
Hyperion - Ouroboros Prominence
Page 22
Galan - what is this?! The right arm I lost ... hurt as if it were still in my body ?!
Page 23
Galan - my mechanical arm ... exploded ?! This would only happen if a very powerful cosmos passed through it !! Is it ... that something happened to Master Aiolia?
Page 24
Hyperion - How much power I never thought a man could get to this point … now I see that it is true, the human being hides infinite possibilities … And that is why in us, gods ... we must overcome humans. To be able to make these possibilities ... our strength.
Page 26
Aiolia - my arm! My right arm ... turned to ashes !!
Hyperion - I warned ... who will disappear from the face of the earth ... are you, human.