Chapter 91
Page 1
Isaak - Does your feeling of wanting to see your mother ... still not over?
Hyoga - this feeling will not change. I lived until today with this feeling being the foundation of my heart.
Isaak - Really? you can already do it .... you already have the power necessary ... to pierce the eternal ice wall.
Page 2
Isaak - but hyoga .... if you do not get over it .... I would like you to use your power for justice .... because if you do not overcome this feeling, you will start walking alongside ordinary people ... if you can bury and cry for the body of his mother .... you will certainly be able to live again ....
Page 3
Isaak - hyoga, live for the lives of people ... and not for the death of people ... if you can do that, you will become the Saint... more powerful than any other.
Camus - The hole that Isaak opened to help you. It is not completely closed. even if the temperature drops too much, the tempestuous weather will not let this hole ever close.
Page 4
Camus - the cosmos full of feeling in wanting to save you .... will not allow this hole to close, do not forget .... what Isaak left for you. your life will never be the life of one ... do not let death be a burden, use it to sustain your path ... your duty and live with the utmost effort.
Page 5
Hyoga - living for the lives of people and not for the death of people ..... that was Isaak's desire ... but ... I still do not know ... I still .... I can not accept it. I .... in my arrogance .... I killed Isaak.
Page 6
Hyoga - I am not qualified to live ... because I chose death. if it was necessary for my life to reach the goal, then it was not a problem .... if with my death I can solve everything ... then everything is fine. I thought that way .... I was indifferent to my own death .... if I was not protecting someone ... my existence would be unnecessary.
Page 7
Hyoga- but now my friend is here .... standing again, by my side..... to save!
Page 8
Shun - I can not see anything that is happening before my eyes. this violent cold air .... it's completely enveloping everything! what the hell is happening?!
Hyoga - the cosmos of isaak .... is rising rapidly !!!
Page 9
Isaak - Aurora Boreal (Northern Lights)
Page 10
Hyoga - his power was able to penetrate the aurora execution ?! but with the current attack .... the camus eyes turned red again! without a shadow of doubt .... he looks like a demon!
Page 11
Hyoga - Is he under the effect of the Demon Fist?! but, this hatred ... exceeds human limits! that way .... the world will not be greener ... it will be dyed red !!

Camus - I will not allow it!
Page 12
Camus - Aurora Annihilation
Hyoga - It is a technique superior to aurora execution ?! It’s a red dawn extinguishing all life ?!
Page 13
Hyoga - isaak!
Isaak - I'm ... I'm not strong enough to stay in this age ...... I'm not the one! I ... certainly ... I returned to die in that place!
Page 14
Hyoga - what are you saying?!
Isaak - I take in the cold air of camus ... give me your cold air again .... and release in an instant all at once. by attacking me, you will be able to reproduce the cold of the cocytos in this place.
Hyoga - I must kill you .... one more time ?!
Isaak - You will not kill me ... I'll go back to where I should never have left. I came back to this world just for this. fulfill my desire ... and meaning to my return.
Page 15
Isaak - a Saint must always think beyond…. shine in gold ... who now serves as an honorable being ... guardian of the temple of aquarius ... Hyoga, Gold Saintof aquarius ... please give me the honor to have lived for you
Page 16
Hyoga - if you ask me anything about .... an important companion, or my family .... or about a formidable opponent who fought with all his life .... a man similar to a lost elder brother, a Saint who saved the me ... both statements are correct. And more than that….
Page 17
Hyoga - a bond that even death can not break ... a life that can not be replaced. You are my soul friend !!
Page 18
Hyoga - I saw the end of my friend's life .... disappearing into the dawn. I am sure that ... at that moment ... my friend smiled tenderly.