Content Marketing and Invasive Advertising

Not too long ago, the satellite television company, Dish Network, launched a highly creative Internet advertising campaign in which a spaceman, who looked more like an alien from Mars, would race across the screen hoping to attract the viewer's attention. Dish Network, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, isn't the only company trying to nudge customers into taking action by clicking on their banner ads in an animation-centric environment. This latest trend has encompassed other leading players such as Tostitos and Cable One with their own avatars vying for the customers' attention in a spirit of pure marketing innovation and outreach. content marketing for small businesses 

The reason why animated advertising has been invented seems both distinct and obvious. Consumers are no longer clicking tons of banner ads the way they used to until recently. The immunity and the ability to tune out direct advertising messages is the customer's way to say, "I have had enough and am done with so much daily advertising. " The advertising avalanche does not show any signs of decline.

However, technology is on the customers' team by helping them filter messages through anti-spam software, pop up blockers, caller ID and Tivo. We tend to experience more than 2000 advertising interruptions daily, according to a study which is perhaps why traditional advertising is gradually becoming synonymous with diminishing ROI.

Content Marketing and the Changing Scenario

Content marketing is an Internet-based marketing approach in which the focus is primarily on aiding customers in their endeavor to find answers to their questions and identifying solutions to their problems. This is accomplished by presenting information that is accurate, timely, authentic and compelling. Content, in both its print as well as video manifestations, is expertly crafted and strategically placed on the Internet with a view to assisting customers through interactive engagement.

In most cases, either in-house content marketing teams or content marketing agencies customize information to meet the customers' expectations and architect a conducive environment for ongoing engagement.

If you adopt the content marketing approach to marketing your company's products and services, you are, in essence, engaging in conversations with your customer communities on multiple fronts and frequencies.

Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing engagement takes place both on your website as well as elsewhere on the Internet. On your website, information is streamlined and displayed prominently through FAQs, detailed product descriptions, content in your knowledge base, articles in your resource repository, and in-depth analysis of your industry through case studies and white papers. What is considered to be the most effective model of content marketing on a website is the presence of a blog. The blog on your website, also known as a corporate blog, is the perfect place for your colleagues and you to share insights about your company's achievements, new product launches, promotions, incentives and any other information you believe will help customers solve problems and eventually make sensible purchase decisions. The most effective and significant attribute of a corporate blog is its functionality that lets your customers talk to you directly through the blog comments section with no middlemen lurking behind the scenes.

The type and form of sustained customer engagement described here also goes beyond your website and takes place on dozens of platforms on the Internet. Since this content, known as off-page content, is clearly sponsored by you, the residual benefits tend to point in your direction. Your content marketing agency will leverage platforms such as press releases, guest blog posts, reviews, forum posts and free advertorials, only to name a few, to keep the conversation between your company and you going well beyond your website.

Proactive Content Marketing Strategy

A Content marketing agency tasked with the responsibility to generate leads for your company and convert them into sales will typically set up an editorial calendar and ensure that original content that has been created for you is dripped gradually based on a predetermined timeline. For good content to make an impact, it should be relevant and meaningful with a clearly demarcated focus on your customer communities. A well-crafted content marketing strategy builds trust between your audience and your company. It positions you strategically as an authority. When the time arrives for your potential customers to make a purchase, they are literally guaranteed to head in your direction not just the first time but all the time.