Why AI and Automated Recruitment Are Here to Stay

Technology has changed how employees live and work. It has also changed their expectations from jobs. Accordingly, recruiters and employers can no longer afford to hire using traditional methods. Simply evaluating profiles on the basis of relevant years of experience and skills is no longer the most effective way to hire employees. In fact, since most companies are looking to keep their hiring highly agile, it is also important that recruiting and hiring takes place at a highly effective pace.


Successful recruiters are able to deliver on such modern business requirement by leveraging AI automated recruiting and AI based hiring tools. This is because such AI-based recruitment is extremely powerful – it not only takes the guesswork out of the job when it comes to finding the best candidates for the job, but it also elevates the quality of hires and productivity over a period of time by integrating feedback over a period of time.

Here are some key reasons why AI-based automated recruiting and AI-based hiring is here to stay:


Identify most-likely-to-convert candidates

The pandemic has changed forever how potential employees and candidates view jobs and opportunities. They value the work environment as much as the role and the remuneration. This has transformed what recruiters need to do when hiring; they need to identify relevant candidates basis not just skills, but lifestyle and work environment-related factors.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to do so manually; however, AI and automated recruiting tools can do this for you, effortlessly. It can analyze historical trends across industry, function, seniority levels, location, and candidate data to quickly identify candidates, including passive candidates, who will convert.


Engage them to ensure high closure rate

AI is transforming not just how employers and recruiters find candidates, but also engage with them. Yes, that’s right. Modern day automated AI recruiting tools are designed to engage with candidates throughout their recruitment journey, ensuing a personalized and positive experience at every touchpoint. In fact, successful recruiters are ensuring any AI recruiting tool they consider for a demo has this feature.


This is because lack of engagement is one of the most common reasons why top talent often drops out of the candidate pipeline. On the other hand, automated engagement has proven to increase candidate closure rates by as much as 3x. This is because personalized and omnichannel engagement makes candidates feel valued at every stage, and gives employers an edge over competitors who do not use AI or automated recruiting for candidate engagement.


Improved operations and easier processes

Many cost-conscious recruiters tend to associate automated and AI recruiting with faster processes, especially in case of bulk hiring. However, this is only partially true. AI hiring tools and platforms aren’t just designed to do existing tasks faster; they work to make your operations and processes smarter. Accordingly, they help do away with duplication of tasks and profiles, avoid slow-to-move candidates, offer a single-view dashboard, and several other benefits. Most importantly, they free up the hiring team’s time so it can focus on more strategic tasks to drive business growth and recruitment excellence.


Better hiring and business value

One of the biggest reasons why AI automated recruiting is here to stay in the long run is because it allows you to go beyond transactional results. Unlike manual recruitment, where it becomes difficult to track every candidate’s performance in the long run, and tweak your recruitment strategy accordingly, AI-based automated recruiting tools allow for feedback integration. This ensures that your hiring algorithm borrows from past trends and gets more intelligent, each time. Needless to say, this doesn’t only result in better hiring insights, but also generates immense business value.



AI-based automated recruitment and AI-based hiring are here to stay even when pandemic-related hiring challenges go away. This is because AI tools offer immense value at all stages of the recruitment process, offer business value, and have the potential to transform the role of recruitment in the overall scheme of business.

In fact, successful recruiters know that AI is the only way to succeed at hiring in a highly competitive business environment. It offers operational advantages, cost benefits, better performance on KPIs, and frees up precious time for more high value tasks. These are almost imperative in a highly agile industry environment.


Further, AI-led and automated recruiting transforms how candidates view potential employers and react to opportunities. This plays a significant role in how top talent is hired at optimal costs, the single-most important KPI for businesses in a post pandemic world.