Low latency, low packet loss, and low jitter can be achieved when the enterprise's WAN traffic is passing through the dedicated backbone of the SD-WAN provider. This approach can effectively improve the performance of all network traffic, especially real-time traffic such as voice, video and virtual desktops. Backbone networks are also directly connected to major cloud application providers that improve performance and reliability.


The most suitable type of enterprise: A company running a large number of real-time network applications is expected to completely eliminate its MPLS network and reduce costs, due to concerns about high latency, packet loss and jitter, and companies that do not want to rely entirely on public Internet traffic.


 WAN traffic is mainly transmitted through the private backbone network to improve the performance of network applications, especially the performance of real-time applications.

 cloud gateway can improve the performance and reliability of cloud applications

☘Multilink /ISP load balancing

 Real-time traffic monitoring to improve the performance of WAN applications

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