Chapter 66
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Aiolia - Oooooh!
Page 2
Shura - If he hits him, his left arm is gone, too! Aiolia !! Do not move forward with it! Do not hit him!
Page 3
Aldebaran - he jumped !!
Milo - the left arm is still whole !!
Shaka - he threw the Lightning Bolt toward the ground, to take momentum. it is difficult to avoid an attack from above. the probability of hitting the opponent is high ... but the left arm is already compromised ... there is still strength for a blow ?!
Page 4
Aiolia - Lightning Bolt
Shura - the flames on the back were gone. there is no more residual image of it !! Therefore, there is no way he can defend himself against this blow ... coming from this perfect angle !!
Page 5
Shura - he reacted to this attack of perfect angle by pure instinct ... on top ... he released a hook with his leg, turning the blow of the left arm !!!
Page 6
Hyperion - Ouroboros Prominence
Milo - he fainted because of the right kick !! He’ll hit his face !! Aiolia!! Wake up!
Page 7
Hyperion - He managed to dodge his whole body with just one arm !!
Page 8
Hyperion - but what agility is this ?! the legs move practically with the same velocity as the arms!
Page 9
Hyperion - He is attacking at this speed without any hesitation. And he's still fainting. His body is moving with pure combat instinct ... this man ... has become a warrior of a much higher level than before.
Page 10
Hyperion - but I will not kill you while you are unconscious.
Aiolia - O ... what happened ?! Was I fainting ?!
Hyperion - You've been defeating my comrades. Therefore, I have the right to watch for your own purpose. Know that there is a god here, using his dunamis to fight with you. And feel honored by it ....
Page 11
Hyperion - I engrave the divine power on your skin before leaving for the Tartarus. For I will ... I will engrave your strength in my cosmos, when you are going to the illuminated earth.
Page 12
Hyperion - Ouroboros Prominence
Page 13
Lithos - What kind of explosion was that ?!
Cronus - the black sun ... glitters.
Lithos - what you mean?
Cronus - I do not know .... but he protects me ...
Page 14
Cronus - Just like her ... she's there. Both protect me ... for a long, long time ... I can not remember but I feel .. that they loved me from the bottom of their soul ....
Lithos - a statue? but she seems to be alive ...
Cronus - yes, she lives, but she is forbidden to move ... by a greater force ... she has become a living statue ...
Page 15
Cronus - I wonder why? when I look at her ... I feel terribly sad.
Lithos - I'm feeling a draft !! It must be coming from outside !! we are going straight in this direction ... that we will leave here, I think !! we will try!!
Cronus - Okay
Page 16
Lithos - we left! What? This ... does not look good on the outside.
Page 17
Lithos - We are in heaven. lava was spreading down below. but ... inside it... I see ... very dim lights shining. he came. not only for my own sake ... but I heard ... he said he would come for me ... if I could hear his voice ... he can hear mine too, can not he?
Page 18
Lithos - master Aiolia !!
Aiolia - Since I arrived, I have not felt her cosmos once. but now, I felt it !! Lithos... is alive !! as a man ... I promised.
Page 19
Aiolia - that I would protect her !!
Hyperion - with the right arm ?! it's insane!! This arm still retains the shape thanks to his cosmos.. but it is doomed to disintegrate at any time !! What do you think you can do with it?
Page 20
Aiolia - despite its state, there are two things that support my right arm ... one of them is the cosmos of Garan ...and the other ... is the keraunos of Koios, that god of great nobility ... who died and left for me everything that belonged to him ... these two things form the supreme divine force !! Eschatos Dunamis
Hyperion - This cosmos ... is Koios’s?! You mean he left his dunamis for this boy ?! it's unbelievable!!
Page 21
Milo - Their powers are so similar that one blow ended up blowing the other and they both flew !!
Aldebaran - he is completely wounded, where did he find so much strength ?!

Shura - I know from where .... how the strength that believed granted me, along with his blood ... the same kind of strength is now in my excalibur too.
Page 22
Pontus - How dare you take Koios’s Dunamis?! They rejected the dunamis that I offered myself ... but do not hesitate to steal it when they see that it has the same nature as theirs ...
human beings are even sordid beings.
Prometheus-The difference is in how it was offered ....
Pontus -what are you insinuating?
Page 23
Prometheus - you tried to force them to accept the dunamis ... while ... Koios and Kreios handed over to what belonged to them. They did not steal them. On the contrary they will inherit.
I believe they can only use them for the brief time they are here in the Tartarus... but still ... this has become proof that humans and gods have made an exchange of their cosmos.
Pontus - hm! it soon turns out that you tend to humans. Is it concern for your children? but this will not be enough to overcome hyperion.
Page 24
Pontus - Hyperion also bears the life and future of many. He is a god who can not be defeated, in any case.
Hyperion - In your eyes, I must be ... an evil god, no? but I have a people who trust and fight for me ... and a king to whom I must give my life to protect ... therefore ... I can not be defeated. Even if I have to pour the last drop of dunamis out of my body ....
Shaka - He armed himself for the first time in this fight !!
Camus - means that it turns with a massive attack !!!
Aiolia - me too. I have a people and a goddess ... and people I should protect
Page 25
Aiolia - me and you, we both want to protect the same thing ... by this, I can not go back either ... I need ... to win anyway.
Hyperion - both of us carry the same burden ... but you deserve my respect ... for assuming such responsibility in your human trust.
Aiolia - Human or God, that does not matter. I respect you ... for being the strong guy that you are.
Hyperion - So ... let's begin ...
Aiolia - yes, let's go
Page 26
Aiolia - I'll protect everyone !! and that's why I decided to be strong !! I will not let anyone else die in front of me!