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Manigoldo - Oh, fuck! We are just wandering around without knowing where to go .... our masters only pass us boring missions! Hey, Shion! Still heard no voice in this mysterious cemetery?
Shion - It would not be a test if I could hear the Aries voice in my mind. We need to keep looking, manigoldo.
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Manigoldo - Mission or not ... it would be good to know where we are going. No drink ..... no woman ..... what a sad journey ....
Shion - what does our mission have to do with drinks and women?
Manigoldo - A brat like you could not understand! Look around you! There is no shadow of a village at all! It looks like the entrance to hell! This way, I'm going to get crazy if I keep going around here!
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Shion - It's not so bad, if you consider it a test to become a Gold Saint
Manigoldo - Yes .... but I was forced to come ....
Shion - Anyway, I believe this is the right direction. My master told me that this is the place of the tomb.
Manigoldo - True..... he said that here were the ruins of the ancient lost continent of mu. but it's been 250 years since this occurred ....
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Manigoldo - Well ..... I think it would do us good to slow down a little ...
Here….. It’s here….
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-It’s here!
Manigoldo - What? What is it?
Shion - I heard .... the voice of Aries .... the grave is around here, I'm sure ....
Manigoldo - here? I do not know…
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Shion-That glow is .... star dust.
Manigoldo -I see….But I do not think there's going to be anything here, even if you look hard enough.
So what are we going to do?
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Shion - These rings of light .... are enveloping us ... what .... are they ?!
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Manigoldo - Our bodies .... breaking in the light .... at this rate we will go! To be .... annihilated …
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Hakurei - Their cosmos ..... are gone! Yes .... and now .... yes .... everything will depend on the connection between shion and avenir .....
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Hakurei -Now .... I only know what will happen to this young man ....
Sage - I pray for your loss, brother. You're very worried. Because of Shion's task of recovering the armor and becoming a saint. But, given the current situation, we can not lose the gift of Shion ....
Hakurei - Yes, there is no other way .....
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Hakurei - It's been 250 years ... and all we tried was useless ....
Sage - yes ... avenir was buried in the lands of the descendants of mu.
But soon after the holy war, that place was swallowed up by the tibet. We tried to find him more than once, but the future disappeared completely...
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Sage -I believe ... it was really his time, after all.
Hakurei - Who would have guessed that shion would hear the voice of the Cloth so long gone ...
Sage - Besides, my brother ... ... if my suspicions are correct, this mission ....
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Hakurei - despite your doubts, it was essential to recover the Aries Cloth before the holy war.It's almost time... is it that you sent me manigoldo for having perceived this for yourself, my brother? I have full confidence in your tricks, just as I trust in my disciple. Aries had come back to our side.
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Hakurei - In the end, it still assaulted him physically and mentally.
Sage - You're right, brother. Avenir will guide shion. that boy would have done everything we could not .....He will crown your dream ....
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Shion - there was nothing .... it was a dream?
Manigoldo - No ... look around you ....
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Shion - What is that?
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Shion - Until now there was nothing there .....
Manigoldo - Where did those ruins come from? Bingo! So my old man sent us to the right place? This is the place that should be found. I think we’ve disappeared for a while ...
Shion - Disappeared?
Manigoldo - Disappeared. I did not think it was serious, but the place is real.
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Manigoldo - but .... it’s a very dangerous place ... we should always be on the alert, or we will not return to our world ....
Shion - I understand...
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Manigoldo - The welcome fight does not want us here!
Shion - Where is it coming from?
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Manigoldo - Who are these guys?
-Who are you? Since when did you come?
Shion - Since when? but what?
Manigoldo - Do not be abrupt, shion. This is bothersome.
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Manigoldo - Hey, you! we walked from the sanctuary. We come to retrieve the Aries Cloth that is with you.
-Shall we surrender the Cloth? What do you need it for?
Manigoldo - We need it for the holy war. I'd say that's a good reason.
-The sanctuary?
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-You ..... smell of death … You say you came from the sanctuary? Let's not fall into such ridiculous cloth!
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-we never give up the Cloth of such a noble person!
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Shion - They are very strong! And they are protecting the Aries Cloth..... but from what?
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Shion - hang on! We are not your enemies! We are not from the hades army! On the contrary! We need the Aries Cloth to defeat him!
-You do not fool us with your lies!
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Shion - What? I can hardly move. Why?
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Shion - Other people? Am I paralyzed? No, it's not that! Am I frozen in time? It's dangerous here! If I stay here .....
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Shion - I want to know what happened here. What happened to you and the old Aries! What happened after the last holy war!
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Shion - Answer me!!
-Telling you would not change anything ... the desperation to live in this temporal prison!
Page 35
Manigoldo - You all right, Shion?
Shion - Yes....
Manigoldo - ah .... he did too?
Shion - what?
Manigoldo - The other guy also aged into dust when I used the sekishiki .... as if it had been left to rot for thousands of years.
Shion - That man said something about a temporal prison. In this place, of time is without doubt, special ... I fear that…
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Shion - we'll be stuck in this place forever.
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-Unbelievable! Magnificent! It's been a long time since I've seen sekishiki being used like this. But the cancer of that time has a totally different style from sage. I'm sure he's doing very well as Pope!
Shoin -What? A boy?
-I apologize for my comrades who suddenly attacked you .... but all those years have accumulated a lot of tension, because ....
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-here time graces us
Manigoldo - So we finally found someone willing to talk. We are...
-I know who you are ... it was the last wish of the noble avenir that brought this boy here.
Shion - in that case....
-Yes, I will be your guide.
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-I'm going to explain everything that is happening here ... hopeful that you will save the future and all of us. We ... wait for centuries for your arrival.
Page 40
Shion - But how ... is it a seal?
Manigoldo - What immense power ... has a level infinitely superior to that of a Specter.....
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Manigoldo - It’s the level of a god. The seal is heart of the temporal distortion that plagues the city. My companions tried to break it several times, but …
Manigoldo - it was useless .... touching this seal means totally blocking the flow of time. Do not tell me what you expect ...
-Yes, I want you to break it ...
Manigoldo - Ah ha! I already knew!
Page 42
Shion - We can not leave things as they are. It's no use talking.
-This seal was placed years after the holy war. I can not tell you why the Aries Cloth is missing. One day a man came ... dressed very strangely for the patterns of this village ...
Mephistopheles - I was sent by the sanctuary. I would like to have a look .....
Page 43
Mephistopheles - at the beautiful Aries Gold Cloth.
-He said his name was kairos ....