Chapter 79
Page 1
Shion - Disappear, kairos! You will not continue imprisoning the Cloth of Avenir! And I do not care that you're a god !!
Page 2
Kairos - Curse it!
Page 3
Manigoldo - Kairos stopped moving .....
Page 5
Manigoldo - That is stardust.... It’s coming from the heart of the kairos .... come back! shion!
Page 6
Manigoldo - He’s back!
Page 8
Manigoldo - Very good, you came back ....
-You did well the Aries Cloth... also ....
Kairos - You did well, brats, but .... I will not let your success last any longer, shion! This clone will give good fireworks! Everything here will get hot!
Page 9
Manigoldo - He will .... he wants to kill you, shion!
Kairos - You want to try something, but you will not be able to. Now ... let's blow it up! Boom !!!
Manigoldo - Shit! There is no escape!
Page 10
Kairos - What! What .... this ridiculous thing is going to get in my way? Damn it!
Shion - Crystal wall! This glass wall will keep you from getting close to us.
Page 11
Shion - Kairos! never put your hands on us again!
Kairos - This crap .... small and dirty ....
Page 14
Mephistopheles - Hahahaha! My alter ego died for nothing! Well done, Shion! But it's only because I'm tired, it does not mean that I'm going to give up. This damn and disgusting .... well, bad luck ..... I still have some points of divergence to make you disappear from history, boy.
Pathetic humans! They can not even see the points of union between the parallel worlds
Page 15
Mephistopheles - You think you hit me in the balls and threw me into the corner, eh? I'm not done with you yet!
Page 16
Manigoldo - Holding out?
Shion - Yes.
Shion- Manigoldo ... Yugo’s arm…..
Page 17
Manigoldo - There's nothing to do. The time held by kairos is returning to your body, so your age increases with incredible speed.
Shion - They had lived in prison for centuries and knew what would happen.
Manigoldo - He told the truth, shion.
Yugo - that's what we've always wanted ... you did it knowing our way of thinking.
Shion - Yu…..
Page 18
Yugo - Do not Cry. You will often see yourself in this situation. You successfully overcame this with your Cloth. I see that demon has damaged it a little.
Shion - It's not much .... I can fix it right away. I'll make the damage better. As if it had never happened .....
Page 19
Yugo - In fact .... above all else, you are disciples of sage and hakurei. Closing my eyes, I feel as if I could find them ... my companions of the past .... my companions of the future.... I can finally return to where I came from ....
Page 20
Shion - I believe they are related ....
Manigoldo - Ha?
Shion - I saw the lives of many saints through the Cloth.... to see the past of Avenir gave me the impression that my heart would break ... but it made me finally understand ....
Page 21
Shion - The part of a person who really knows is different ....
Manigoldo - enough! Boy! Do not be so sentimental!
Shion - Yugo told you, did he not? You'll get through this again. Come on, let's go back soon!
Manigoldo - Is it possible to get used to it?
Page 22
Manigoldo - I do not know. But everyone rises to trust in themselves. It causes me feelings for those who have been killed.
Shion - And what is it for you, manigoldo?
Manigoldo - shut up! You're not snooping around, are you? Let's go to the sanctuary! You have to inform what happened to the Pope!
Page 23
Manigoldo - It seems that his disciple Manigoldo could not defeat the fragment of God.
Shion - Such are the holy wars
-the cosmos of shion and manigoldo are back after they are lost.
Page 24
Hakurei - So is Avenir’s Cosmos
Sage - Yes .... it seems that shion has finally regained Avenir’s Aries Cloth.
Hakurei - Sage .... could Avenir have gone back to the future?
Sage- It is possible ..... such was the wish of those who survived ....
Page 25
Sage - But regardless of what awaits you .... be reincarnated in a peaceful world or a world in ruins ... your desire is returning to the future at last.
Hakurei - It’s like the story we were talking about them. The history of the legacy and the civilization of mu that is transmitted in our clan. A technology that seems to stand out through the time of the dream. But mu, which enjoyed divine power and a very advanced civilization, could have created this technology. Avenir was delighted to hear these stories.
Page 26
Hakurei - Until he chose this place ... so he could stay. In the end, only the time gods understand the techniques to pass the time. We, humans, can only follow the appointed time for our lives in the world to which we belong.
Sage - This is the only way to change the future. indeed....
Page 27
while maintaining a strong image of the future that we want to build. As the future itself once ...
Page 28
[20 years later, the five ancient peaks.]
Page 29
Dohko - Something came out of the tower where the evil stars are sealed ..... I'm just imagining!
But it's too early! It's been 14 years since the end of the holy war!
Page 30
Dohko - Shion! Are you listening, shion?
An evil cosmos is heading for the sanctuary! You'd better be ready to fight as fast as you can!
Page 31
Shion - I heard you, dohko. The cosmos seems familiar. I'm not going to let him destroy the young people I'm building. This vile demon would not have acted the way he wants!
Page 32
Teneo-Enemies attack us?. a huge shooting star crashed near the 12 houses .... the disciples train there!
Page 33
Teneo - I hope nothing has happened!
-Master Teneo! we have a big problem
Teneo - what happened?
-I do not know! I just saw a light .... and they all froze ...Like statues ....
Teneo - frozen?
Page 34
Teneo - What happened to them? They are petrified ... they were petrified in this place .... could it be like what Lord Shion faced when he received his Cloth?
Page 35
Mephistopheles - Little Teneo, who was lucky enough to escape death, became a serious face!
I see that Shion has taught you properly and you have learned well.
Teneo -Did you freeze them? Who are you? What did you do with them?
Mephistopheles - I did nothing. Their time has stopped because their cosmos are weak, that's all. Now the sanctuary is trapped within my temporal barrier.
Page 36
Mephistopheles - Want to know who I am? I am kairos, the god of time! And now the sanctuary is totally isolated from the outside world!
Page 37
Teneo - Kairos .... but how? You were sealed during the Holy War by Aspros ...
Hey, do not talk like that! I do not even want to remember that.... Demon! It's a lot of work to go back to the time of my body that was made in pieces .... in the way of the gods. And escaping that shit from rosario was difficult too .....
Page 38
Teneo - It can not be ..... but why did you come here now?
Mephistopheles - This is the last point of divergence. If I destroy the sanctuary being built, the pegasus of the future will not be born. So athena will be killed by hades and everything will end. thus, the bearer of the divine armor, tenma, was limited to this time.
Teneo - What you mean? During the Holy War, the Tenma became .....
Page 39
Mephistopheles - No, I still feel his cosmos. How worthy of my adorable son! I'll fetch him and take him with me to steal hell and paradise! This time I'll be the boss!
Teneo -I will not allow it!
Page 40
Mephistopheles - You’re not going to allow it? Such bullshit! I am a God!