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Watch Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 12 Online. Hank made the leap from the note in Walt’s Leaves Of Grass, clicking the “W.W” into place because even though he’s been promoted and the DEA wants everything wrapped up after Gus Fring’s death, he’s still obsessing about that loose end, the mysterious cook. That obsession bleeds into everything in his life. It combines with Walt’s hubris in leaving that book out (and Hank feeling comfortable enough in the White home to use the master bathroom), and leads to the big reveal that presaged a season based around silent revelations. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 12






Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 12 Walt makes the connection between the missing book and the tracking device under his car because deep down, he’s still looking over his shoulder for the other shoe to drop. And because I think Walt wants to get caught--at least in a way that doesn’t annihilate his family, just so somebody else marvels in horror at his accomplishments. The nagging sense that at any moment the whole façade could go sideways forces the leap from missing book to tracker on the car. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 12

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