Chapter 97
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Aiolos - Being alone with Seiya .... so, this is Athena's will ... I came to this place without knowing anything, but .... Seiya, you know the reason for this?

Seiya - I do not know all the details .... but what I know ...
Aiolos - Kokuto .... no ... Saga ... if you know anything, you should tell me ... if you trust me, tell me ....
Page 2
Aiolos - I came to this world, abandoning everything ... because I trusted in your words. I've crossed all of time ... and now I'm standing here in this world.
Page 3
Kokuto - In fact .... this is your way. There are still many things I can not tell you, but ... our common sense ... tells us what is allowed to do in this world.
Aiolos - Is there a world in which things are allowed that are not permitted in this world?
Kokuto - Why? never thought of that?
Aiolos - because Athena….being the goddess of war….
Page 4
Aiolos - Forbade us Saints to use weapons?
Hades - just take it with your hand. You know there's no other way, Aiolos.
Page 5
Athena - There is no way to go back. Aiolos is fine. If you feel, from the bottom of your heart you are doing what is right ....
Page 6
Athena - then it's okay If you are doing what is honest to you ... do not hesitate. I'll trust you to the end … Even if I die here ....
Page 7
Athena - I'll trust you!
Page 8
Hades - now .. the time has come to violate the prohibition. the world where Saints were forbidden to use weapons ... has come to an end.
Page 9
Aiolos - This is the time when the Saints will become seikishi. You will make him ... my comrades who must fall ... I will send them to those whom I could not snatch ... an insect in the body of a lion ... ends up devouring it.
Page 10
Aiolos - those who believe in a just future .... must recognize their terrible arrogance ... because the ruined future also exists within you.
Page 11
soon you must destroy .... your own Sanctuary. They’ll know the hopelessness and the future that they can’t avoid…
Page 12
Aiolos - swords? You mean that Saints have weapons ... not as techniques, but literally?
Kokuto - Our common sense dictates that in this world its use is forbidden. a Saint without a weapon already possesses immense power. And among them, the most powerful are the Gold Saints. it means that they are the most powerful beings on earth. If they are allowed to use weapons ...
Page 13
Kokuto - it will give them autonomy to freely choose between becoming gods or demons.
Page 14
Aiolos - Well, I, in and of itself ... I will decide how things should be ... I will be the one who will correct everything !!

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