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Assigning authentic grades with a trek is in close proximity to impossible because different individuals have different perceptions with regards to a trek. An easy trek for somebody can be quite a bit a hardship on another. Trekking grades are assigned from your standpoint of a novice trekker without physical limitations, with the multiple factors like length, altitude, remoteness, terrain etc. The trekking grades are as below: '' Easy/Leisurely: Easy treks are usually short treks of duration with regards to a week, with an average walking hour of 5 or less per day and maximum altitude attained, not exceeding 3500 meters. Anybody having no mobility restrictions can pursue this trek. '' Moderate: The treks with maximum elevation of four,500m, involving more ascents and descents, and an average walking hour of 6 per day are called Moderate Treks. Such treks are suitable for people spanning various ages having good physical fitness. '' Strenuous: The treks that ascends up to 5500 or more, having an average walking hour or 6-7, lasting for over fourteen days, are categorized as this category. The trek involves some steep ascents and descents, high passes and glacier crossings. trekking operator in nepal and health, some previous experience as well as a good preparation are mandatory to pursue such trek.

Leh is when your adventure in Ladakh begins. Age-old monasteries, quaint lanes, colorful markets and dazzling views from the Himalayas make Leh a fascinating destination. Feel on top from the world for the Leh Ladakh Trekking which is a paradise for trekkers with plenty of the opportunity to fit all adventurers and nature enthusiasts. One can require a trekking tour of a single day to a single month - walking, cycling, rafting, riding and touring, studying the local life-style and culture. There are numerous options having a blend of culture and sport activities in Leh Ladakh Trekking.

Scores of trails of varying amount of difficulty and splendor attract lots of trekking enthusiasts from worldwide each year. Nature has produced Himachal in a veritable cornucopia of geographical diversity. Owing to this fact, there are plenty of natural treks in addition to the man-made ones that offer trekkers with conditions of varying complexity and hardships.

Trekking in Himalayas is must for everyone who loves adventure sports. Trekking in this valley will come to be a life long episode for you personally; after all it's about facing the toughest challenge and winning the highest mountains on the planet. Spending trekking holidays inside foothills of Himalaya will probably be a memorable experience for you even though you come just once in this dream valley.

River Rafting in India proposes to the adventurous traveler to enjoy the rush and excitement of white water river river rafting. The most popular rafting places are Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand. If you also want to savor camping in rishikesh, be in a riverside camp situated on sandy beach or ganges. The camps at Rishikesh are extremely much green - no detergent, no plastic, no nicotine gum with no electricity. Only gas lanterns, tents and sandpits. People say Rishikesh rafting is most enjoyable river rafting in india.