Dressing Casual Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Do you wear Hawaiian shirts every day and want to know how to make them look casual without being boring? Men often don't know how to vary their wardrobe without spending a fortune to do so. It's actually easier than many people think. Following are some easy ways to do so without breaking the bank.

Simple and Understated

Casual doesn't mean flashy. Go for a simple, understated look and choose clothes that fit properly and make you feel good. This doesn't mean pull the graphic tees and holey jeans out of the trash bin, however. Nor does this mean a man should wear a lot of bling or wild colors. Choose neutral colors and try different looks. With mens shirts and error, most men find they can achieve a casual look that is also polished and attractive.


Don't hesitate to wear layers when dressing casually. For example, bamboo cay shirts may be worn separately or paired with a solid color tee for a completely different look. The additional piece of clothing adds depth to the outfit while increasing the visual appeal. There's shirts for women to stop at only one layer either. Try putting together an outfit with two, three, or four layers. Men who do so find they can create multiple looks with the same items simply by adding or taking away layers. This helps to increase the wardrobe options without breaking the bank.


Men often put on nice clothes only to ruin the entire outfit by finishing it off with a pair of beat-up sneakers. While tennis shoes are very comfortable, they aren't appropriate for many outfits. If cotton shirt are going for a casual look, pick up a pair of nice brown leather shoes. They will make the entire outfit look sharper in only a matter of seconds. Desert boots are another option to consider and are great for those who wear sneakers regularly, as they are comfortable without being too dressy.

Whether you prefer men's kahala shirts or solid color tees, a casual look that others envy can be yours. For example, pair the solid tee with tennis shoes and then put it on with a pair of brown leather shoes. The entire outfit looks different with this one change. The best way to determine what looks good on you is to try different outfits. When you take the time to do so, you'll find dressing casually isn't hard.