Chapter 3
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Who is it? Do you plan to know the seal we protect? To protect you .... we will rise once more ... to walk guided by the light ....
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for those who invade the sacred coffin... protected by blue water, awaits ... death! What is it? What are these ruins? Is this a strange dream?
Page 3
Miko - With that blue glow, we will not need bad light ... but this is ... water? Is the effect of groundwater the cause of the aswan dam? But the ruins are intact ... there is no erosion because of the water will be constructed of some special material?
It's not that ... the ruins are not the special here ... what is special... is the water ....
Page 4
Miko - What? The illusions again! No ... these are real!
Page 5
Aiolia - Lightning Plasma
Page 6
Miko - As I imagined, they are not illusions! This is a real fact! We are in a place that neither archeology explains! And also.....
Page 7
Miko - that there is such a small boy, but that he possesses a power that goes totally beyond our imagination! Little Leo, who are you?
Aiolia - I can not say....
Miko - As I assumed, it is a great secret.
Aiolia - that’s not it! It’s because it’s difficult to explain in Japanese....I could say in Greek or English, but yoshiko would not understand.
Miko - at least try!
Page 8
Miko - besides, in this place several things are happening. All of them created by this ... this water and .... Ichor!
Page 9
Miko - a black tomb? There is nothing like this in Egyptian archeology ... the blood that possesses the power of immortality ... impregnated ... by the power of the Greek gods.
Why ... the power of the Greek gods overflows ... from a tomb of the ruins of Egypt?
Aiolia - Certainly it was sealed ... a very ancient god ... and also ... a very evil god.
Page 10
Miko - a God?

The Ichor had absorbed a great number of lives. Raising a large number of them that had been condemned to oblivion in these lands. Once they had known the terror of death, they would not return to the Tartarus one more time .... they had received life and now Ichor was protecting them
Page 11
Miko - this in no way has to be with science .... but ... what else can explain this? Something occurred to the grave while it remained sealed .... perhaps ... some kind of vibration that it had when the aswan dam was built and because of that the seal of the grave was broken.
Aiolia - Even it defeated did not disappear ... that big and obscure ... Cosmo.
Page 12
Aiolia - They are different from when I defeated them. They resurrected .... despite having completely defeated them. That's because they were hit directly by the Ichor... even with the power of my attacks ... I can not inflict enough damage on them so that I can not resuscitate again.
Page 13
Aiolos - well thought out, Aiolia .... now the rest ... you can leave it to your older brother.
Page 14
Aiolos - Let the black cosmos be illuminated by the golden light ... the sagittarius Gold Saint, aiolos ... has arrived!