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How do you clean pillows?

Loose-fill cushions should be shaken up regularly to maintain bulk and adaptability. For washable fillings, it is advisable to wash the entire pillow about every six months, the same applies to washable covers for neck support pillows with foam core. If the user sweats profusely or is allergic to house dust, more frequent cleaning may also be appropriate.

When should https://jdgoshop.com/product/sleepdream-cervical-pillow/ buy a new pillow?
If the bulking abates, if the core is visible or if the foam becomes brittle, it is time to buy a new pillow. A non-washable pillow should be replaced after two years at the latest for hygienic reasons. Pillows with foam core last an average of about five years. Since loose fillings suffer from material fatigue a little faster (material is "compressed") and thereby lose bulk and support strength, it may make sense to replace the pillow after at least three years or at least have it refilled.

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