Chapter 69
Page 1
Kokalo - I'm sorry I woke up late, Ema... we'll take everyone's heads in the sanctuary! It's time for the hunting!
Ema - It’s you ... brother?
Page 2
Ema - At last I can see your face .... from the day of your execution .... my brother !!
It’s the rebirth of the brothers ema and kokalo, blood and bones of ephodos!
Page 3
Kokalo - Ema .... you still believe that I would come back to life. This is for our brothers and sisters .....
Page 4
Kokalo - But…..
Page 5
Kokalo - How could you not defeat a simple warrior who does not even have armor? This is no more than a great blasphemy against our Lord Ares!
Ema - Brother ... why?
Page 6
Kokalo - Your weakness will be paid with death!
Ema - Brother ... kokalo? It’s as if you are someone else ...
I never said that ... when we were alive ...
Degel - impossible! He attacked ... his own brother!
Page 7
Kokalo - The same goes for you.
Degel - Are you raising the temperature? What's happening?
Kokalo - The troops that did not attack are dissipating from the arena. Don’t know how to act in front of these two?
Page 8
Kokalo - I did not forget the day of the execution! Nor this resentment
Page 9
Degel - This guy ... he attacked his own companions without a second thought!What are you doing? Get out of the way ... defteros!
Page 10
Defteros - What am I doing? Why am I angry?
Ema - even if everyone became my enemy ... my brother would never betray me!
Page 11
Defteros - Was that guy trampling on his brother's confidence? What feeling is this? Anyway ... he’s an opponent to be beaten!
Page 12
Degel - do not be rash, Defteros!
Page 13
Kokalo - Do not think I'm weak!
Defteros - The rocks become lava immediately!
Degel - This is wrong!
Page 14
Degel - What ... you ... will ... defend your brother, even after he attacked you ?!
Page 15
Ema - If it were not for my brother, I would not be here ... in the end, my brother is my world.
Degel - Impossible ... are you ... okay with that? So ... you're just a puppet of your older brother!
Page 16
Kokalo - There are also interesting men in sanctuary.
Page 17
Kokalo - You feel something like what we feel ... living in an isolated world ... avoiding being murdered, living humiliated under the mud ... feeling in the deepest darkness ... I saw this in your fight with Ema. When one think of the saints ... one doesn’t think of a man like you, who does not even have a Cloth.
Page 18
Defteros - I do not have a Cloth, but that does not mean I'm a weakling.
Kokalo - I know it. You did this to protect yourself, to live, did you not? But sooner or later ... a fight would have taken place inside you!
Page 19
Kokalo - Good! This is the smell of burnt flesh! In this world only the fittest survives!
Page 20
Kokalo - If you insist on having your own way, you will do no more than beat your opponents before you. so! Predatory Lava!
Page 21
Degel - Defteros! It is not possible to withstand such heat! You're not the right opponent!
You must save him!
Kokalo - Ema … you again let yourself be defeated by a saint.
Page 22
Kokalo - I knew it! as a berserker, I do not need my younger brother anymore!
Ema - Kokalo! Brother!
Degel - The battle arena is in turmoil!
Page 23
Degel - Defteros!
The berserkers are falling. Is it too hot for them? I deeply regret that you do not have a Cloth. Even though it's too late to recognize your strength. If only they knew you at the sanctuary ....
Page 24
Degel - Wait .... we are still in the sanctuary..why is there no one in the sanctuary .... despite the powerful cosmos of these two .... why is no one in the sanctuary .... are they aware of our battle? why do not the berserkers leave the arena, even though they are free?
Impossible. Is the arena?
Page 26
Aspros - You realized too late, degel. A few moments ago the arena was confined in the shadow of one dimension. No one is able to enter or leave this arena!
-It's very quiet. Has Master Degel come back?
Aspros - No doubt they are like insects crushed by my desires. And they allowed me to test it. In my learning of the Demon Fist, I launched the technique at kokalo. I was not sure whether or not it would work in ghosts.
Page 27
Aspros - Are you crying, Gemini? Cry for my brother, Defteros? It does not mean that I feel nothing for my brother ... but …
Page 28
Aspros -My desire is too strong! The ideal of my brother ... and also the title of Pope... I can not go back!
Page 29
This sound is... resonance? The Aquarius Cloth is resonating with another Gold Cloth!
Page 30
Defteros - it you brother? congratulations. Finally you got the Gemini Cloth, after all .....
Page 31
Defteros - You worked hard for it...
Degel - Gemini! Were you resounding with my Cloth? It crossed space-time following the trail of the Aquarius Cloth.
Page 32
Degel - by any chance, it came ... to protect Defteros!
Page 33
Aspros - So you went, Gemini... to be able to save Defteros… it was crying ... the kind face of the helmet of the Gemini Cloth....
Page 34
Aspros - Why do you make that distinction?
Degel - Defteros... in fact, you ... are even qualified to be the Gemini Saint...
Page 35
Defteros - What power is this? The Gemini Cloth is covering me ... but why?
No need to wait for a simple shadow like me ....
Kokalo - I knew you were an interesting man ... the strength of your own path called the cloth. The price for your head has just gone up!
Page 36
Kokalo - It will be an offering to Lord Ares, no .... as a berserker., ..I will make you surrender to me!
Defteros - So try ... I'm not like your younger brother. I will not lose! This is the power of a Gold Saint!
Page 37
Defteros - Born in the light to protect the sanctuary! to reinforce the existence of humans!
Page 38
Aspros - You did it, Defteros. Now I do not even know what transformation kokalo will undergo. It is said that the one struck by the Demon Fist was awakened after seeing a dead enemy before his eyes. I will make sure to enjoy this game fully, defteros!