Chapter 79

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Aiolos - I was able to cross it ..... I fired my golden arrow after imbuing it with all my cosmos .... it was a great sacrifice .... the spark of many lives were lost ..... .the lament of my heart became a force and I deposited all my feelings in the arrow ..... undoubtedly this would cross the great Zeus .... not only his body but also his spirit was destroyed. even if you can not kill a god ..... Zeus will fall into deep sleep .... and the war will come to an end!

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Aiolos - would that be the reason for which we fear .... the obligation to fight .... reducing our lives and our cosmos ...? because, Aiolia .... I should have put that fact to the test …

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Aiolia - tell me why your younger brother possesses the power of divine thunder? This was the weapon that was granted to me for victory in the battle against the divine clan..... the Titans!!

Aiolos - this is the power that only I can use ... keraunos! Leo Aiolia .... the Gold Saint who can use this power. this man.....

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Aiolos - He was born only for the coming of the great Zeus on earth .... he is the receptacle of a god! the only one left here is me ..... Zeus! your younger brother .... disappeared forever and ever !!!!

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Aiolia - the bow and golden arrow that carried the blessing of Athena, has been destroyed .... now that I have acquired a new body, it will be impossible for you to attack me. the land of Athena, the human race, your companions, your younger brother ..... you can not save any of them .... died by mere impotence yours .....

Page 6

Aiolos - Aiolia !!! he is attacking .... with his own lightning ?!

Aiolia - Aiolos ... there are no alternatives at the moment .... quickly....

Aiolos - Aiolia! Are you recovering your consciousness ?!

Aiolia - the time that rests me to speak with you is very important .... I will not be able to stop Zeus for a long time .... for nothing in this world miss this opportunity.

Page 7

Aiolia - You'll have to kill me .... along with Zeus!

Zeus - how absurd!! I am a God!! I'm not going to die as a human. I'm just going to fall asleep deeply! The same will not be with you, Aiolia !! Yes, you would. Besides ... your brother will not dare attack you !!

Aiolia - wrong! he can thus saving everyone. Aiolos can defeat you without any difficulty.

Aiolos - Impossible ... I can not do this ....

Aiolia - Yes you can. Hey, listen to me, Aiolos. You can do it because .....

Page 8

Aiolia - brother, you have always been the hero who saved the earth .... this idea .... is something I always believed. no matter what happens, brother ... you will never .... betray me !!

Page 9

that all this flow of emotions .... despair ... obligation ... remorse ... regret ... protection ... that all these emotions .... destroy the Eighth Sense !!

Page 10

and can awaken the Ninth Sense !!!

lightning bolt

Page 11

Aiolos - This is wrong, everything is wrong. tell me this ... open your eyes one more time ... brother, this world is going crazy ...... I beg you, Aiolia .... what went mad? Is it the world….. Or is it me?

It’s everything!

Page 12

Hades - time has gone crazy ... Aiolos.

Aiolos - Shun?! No ... I was wrong ..... it’s Hades!