Dane Wigington is Not What He Appears to Be

Wigington falsely claims that geoengineering (GE) is a government attempt to slow climate change. This is a clever political position that places him on the side of the United Nations IPCC global warming (AGW) deception. This is all part of the AGENDA-21/2030 sustainable living, resilient cities, and STRONG CITIES networks. (ie: Maurice Strong).  This octopus has many arms.

Another UN tentacle is currently working to undermine the US first and second amendments through staged shootings like Sandy Hook, Parkland, Pulse nightclub and many more. The most visible of these programs is UNODA - the UN Office of Disarmament Affairs.

The DEEP STATE running the US government and Congress has been cooperating with these Oligarch spawned UN entities to disarm citizens of the USA because America is the only remaining country with a constitution dedicated to preservation gun rights - and without gun rights Americans ultimately lose their right of free speech. 

Wigington is doing his part to bring about a one world government of tyranny whether he intends to or not. 

The real scientists in the climate engineering movement have no respect for Wigington. 

Intellectuals in the CE movement agree that GE is a weather warfare program to create warmer climate. One method is to produce artificial clouds that trap heat radiated from earth surfaces. Another method is to deploy powerful electromagnetic beams to cause droughts, floods and hurricane intensification on demand.

Wigington exposes himself by claiming that GE programs to create WARMING don't exist. Most people worried about chemtrails miss the subtle distinctions that expose Wigington as a limited hangout determined to promote disinfo. 

Like Alex Jones - Wigington is too well-funded to be fully credible. He claims to have a team of 3-4 attorneys but nothing has been accomplished.

Wigington does a good job at presenting a weekly program of fear-porn but continues to promote the UN Agenda-21/2030 Agenda.

Why Is Dane Wigington Promoting Geoengineering Watch?