ICC Builders – Offering the Construction Services with the Help of Our Engineers

Construction of a home is a sensitive thing in which we could not leave any lack, since multiple lives would be residing under the constructed building post its completion. The base design of the constructed must be very strong and should adhere to all the compliance factors, so that it could withstand the extreme climatic factors and even in the disasters. For fulfilling those safety requirements, you must hire some ace company, which offers distinct level of new construction and best reconstruction services in Panama City. For availing such types of reliable services, you can consult us at ICC Builders.


We aim at offering devoted services to our clients due to which all our prior clients trust us. The various services that we offer to our clients include new construction, exterior enveloping of homes, demolishment of old building, reconstruction of some portions or whole buildings, and lots more. Additionally, we offer property damage specialty services in Panama City to restore the buildings impacted by disasters. The envelops of the buildings that we develop are very robust, which provides safety to your family or the tenants in case you would lease out your property. We could also help you in the repair of cracks in the walls or in the foundation of your home.


Rest than those, we also help our clients in fixing the plumbing issues or wall and roof leaking. We have dedicated teams of specialists, who look after the reconstruction services in Panama City and problems under various domains. Our specialists have so far fixed very complex construction and home repair related problems. You can also approach us for the demolition of the selective part of your home or even your entire old buildings. All our team members and engineers are highly skilled and motivated towards the helping our clients specifically towards their requirements. We have so far catered to lots many reputed and top-rated firms and companies in Florida, who have shared excellent reviews post availing our services. With just few years of our service, we have held a leading position in the market in the construction domain.

Company Name: ICC Construction Group

Full Address:  11th floor, 2121 Ponce De Leon Coral Gables, Florida

Pincode:- 33134

Tel: 800-930-0573

E-mail: info@iccconstructiongroup.com

Website:- http://iccconstructiongroup.com