Raycon Sway e50 Assessment

HD559 awful: review bought the Raycon Sway e50 and quite much total I’m alright with them, not as undesirable as everyone says truly, I can say they are def not value the 80$ mark, I would cost these as about fifty$ just because they are true wi-fi ans seem good quality, you can find wired earbuds like Grado IEG for the very same price tag and considerably better audio top quality. These earbuds are little and in shape truly comfortable in my ear they are not likely everywhere so much- but for risk-free evaluate find your appropriate eartip- they have like 6 distinct pairs, if you want to use only one particular earbud it has to be the left a single, they’re not complex at all you just just take them out of the charging case and quickly they pair to each and every other and pair to your Bluetooth, when they are back again in the case they instantly turn off (you flip off the earbuds usually on the earbuds by itself). They really don't stick out and are really concealed and they really don't appear inexpensive at all (if anything at all they’re overpriced) the hold off is probably about 80-100ms. No make a difference how loud they get no one can listen to them either which is genuinely excellent Vocals are much less sharp, lows are quieter than normal, acoustics seem truly great and crisp and cleanse, so if your in the variety your good, you can hear the bass, but it’s not like you can actually really feel it, and the range of bass isnt like WOW. I imply a pair of twenty$ sennheiser twist in earbuds can outdo these just about everywhere. I would examine these to AirPods (for you gay Apple craze normies that consider they’re good). They have a really tiny and convenient bundle with a lid to the earbuds. The earbuds are magnetic to the case and the child to the circumstance is magnetic and robust too, so except if you hit it from anything the lid will not fly off. I would return them but I’d get like 30$ with how employed they are, they are not water-proof so large exercises is not suggested if you sweat a lot, but for men and women operating exterior in and need to have tunes or one thing or basic shoppers I really do not know what else to suggest that are true wireless earbuds, but I’m positive you could uncover greater than these. Seem around and do not believe in all web site reviews they can effortlessly be bogus, and always be skeptical of reviews of folks that def seem like they’re getting paid out, even if they say they are not (which is occasionally a dead giveaway)
Tdlr They look good, not waterproof, okay seem (AirPod top quality), conveniently modest, good battery daily life (about twenty several hours), you could find much better, not value 80$