Chapter 65

Page 2
Arkhes- The manuscripts you are looking for are beyond this place. But I will not give them to you so easily. Because you are the one who caused the holy war!
Page 3
Sisyphus - What? A black sagittarius ... she said that's me in the future ... tears of blood ... why?
Page 4
Sisyphus - How could I have become him?
Arkhes- This world is built by paths and numerous factors. every breath of wind, every drop of water play a role. And the human heart is given to these factors. The future is the sum of it all. Therefore, in sending your soul to the world, it is possible to predict which of these futures is most likely to become a reality.
Page 5
Sisyphus - The future….
Arkhes- Show me your face as the instigator of the holy war! You will interfere with the plans of the great goddess Athena, and this will begin the holy war!
Page 6
Sisyphus - Absurd! I never...!
Arkhes- It’s really absurd .... because of you the goddess athena will fight, and her friends will die. Then you regretted it so you rejected your role as saint. And you sunk in the darkness!
Page 7
Arkhes- Well ... look at your future. I will not give you the manuscripts!
Sisyphus - This is wrong....
Page 8
Sisyphus - How can I .... I can deal with the future?
Page 9
Black Sisyphus - To look away is a very reckless thing, Brother of Hero Ilias
Page 10
Sisyphus - yes .... there is no doubt that such a future might happen .... but I am the youngest brother of ilias. That's why I will avoid it!
Page 11
Black Sisyphus - Do you still want to keep up appearances even though you've come here?
Sisyphus - Yes ... this future can not happen .... I swore to those two ....
Page 12
Sisyphus - I'll build the future along with aspros and hasgard! Suma, illusion!
[Light impulse of chiron!]
Page 13
Sisyphus - There is no doubt that I .... I was deceived by delusions! I will finally be able to have access to the manuscripts .... the scriptures which contain predictions of good and fortune from the holy war. Could it be that these writers contain something ..... about the surplice and me?
Page 14
Sisyphus - No! My future is only up to me! I can not make such a mistake! I'm sure I'll read about many companions. And that I'll be the first in line, next to me, as one of the 12 strongest people there are! And that's why I exist! This is my rightful place!
Page 15
Sisyphus - And then...
Black Sisyphus - Will you be a great hero?
Sisyphus - My blow should have killed him!
Black Sisyphus - Like your brother?
Page 16
Black Sisyphus - It's a pity, but these friends you care so much about ... will abandon you along the way ....
Page 17
Black Sisyphus - You do not even know if the people you know in the present will be in your future.
Sisyphus - He lies!
Black Sisyphus - All will leave, swallowed by the whirlwind of holy war. Your future is that of a terrible sinner!
[Chiron's Dark Impulse]
Page 18
Black Sisyphus- Nothing that you want is in your future! Not even the sanctuary! Not even the place you think you own! Not your friends! And you better die here!
Page 19
Sisyphus - There would be no ... more sense. Or why I fought. My dream… I? I? Why did I want to become a saint?
Page 20
Pope - I entrust you this boy, Ilias .... I do not know if you already know, but .... Oh, yes ... this is, definitely .. he is your half-brother.
Page 21
Sisyphus. The day that little by little ..... I started following this path. I came to fulfill my dreams!
Page 22
-Damn it! All this is the fault of the traitors to sanctuary! Be careful! The black saints will invade mess area! Where are you going, Sisyphus?It’s very dangerous, stand back and run away!
Sisyphus - But my friends are there! I have to help! If adults do nothing, I will!
-What? But you're just a boy! Stop, Sisyphus!
Page 23
Theanis! I came to help! Let's get out of here!
No! I'm afraid!
Do not worry. I promise to protect you!
Watch out!
Page 24
Ilias - Keep them close to you, boy.
Page 25
Ilias - It was very brave of you. Go!
Sisyphus - It's all right! There is nothing to fear. Thank you ..... that was the first time I saw such incredible power. The power of a Gold Saint.
Page 26
Sisyphus - I told myself that I also wanted to live like this … I wanted to be strong like that man ... to be able to protect people from wanting me ... so I applied as a volunteer to be an apprentice saint ... and later I knew that man was my older brother.
Page 28
Black Sisyphus - still want to fight? You have no reason to try to survive. but so that you do not live in sin and humiliation ..... I will kill you right here, for the sake of the sanctuary!
Page 29
Sisyphus - If I were to die ... in such a place … You ... my future I ... I could not know what kind of anguish ... you tried ...
Page 30
Sisyphus - But there are things that remain immutable in me .... I, once again ... I want to be with hasgard and aspros .... next to me!
Page 31
Sisyphus - Dying here, not fulfilling my duty or my promise ..... would be a betrayal to them!
Black Sisyphus - Understand once and for all that your commitment to everything is what makes you weak ... your complex of inferiority in relation to your brother ... the dependence on your friends .... to interference from the sanctuary ... all those things turned to original sin.
Page 32
Black Sisyphus - Disappear. There is no bright future for you, Sisyphus!
Sisyphus - There is no way out for us ... I will have a chance ...
Page 33
Sisyphus - I need to feel the moment he attacks, I have to be one step ahead of him! If I can not figure it out now .... I'm going to die ... and he said .... what? Then you must shoot your arrow without trusting your eyes … Sagittarius eyes are those that look at the truth. I heard voices ... saying that I should understand the voice of the wind as the voice of someone ...
Page 34
Sisyphus - Brother?
Ilias - It does not matter if you do not understand what I say ... just look at the future that you want from the bottom of your heart. Be natural….
Page 35
Sisyphus - The way ... even a future that I do not want in my way .... has a hope that is beyond him! A future that will be built with companions and friends that I have not yet met!
Page 36
Black Sisyphus - He closed his eyes?
Sisyphus - I have been able to see .... the target that I must pierce with my power! I'll protect what surrounds me! Even though hasgard and others add up!
Page 37
Sisyphus - I'll take on my shoulders what they want to protect! I will become a saint capable of protecting what the people wanted by me believe .... able to protect the future! And so are the dreams of my new friends!
Black Sisyphus - Absurd! They will suffer for your sins!
Sisyphus - I'll beat you, and then ....
Page 38
Sisyphus - I'm going to redeem myself and deliver my own life !!
Page 39
Black Sisyphus - Pay penance to your life ... you really seem to be able to love people individually ...
Page 40
Black Sisyphus - if you have enough strength to protect people and their future, so it will be ... you must be able to become a more powerful person than any other!
Sisyphus - It disappeared ... will I now get the manuscripts? I have to continue ....
Page 41
Sisyphus - This cosmo is?! Brother? What I heard was so good ...
Ilias - It seems that you are well, Sisyphus. And you heard the wind ...
Page 42
Ilias - There is one thing I, like your brother, would like to propose. Do you want to leave the sanctuary? To the end of the world, a place without unwanted sounds.