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๐ŸŸข New Download Method - How To Get Download Link

Hello our dear fans!


Since Patre0n no longer allow us to put download links on their platform, so please follow these steps to support us and get download links:


1/ Use this page to take a preview for Tiers and their rewards: https://thomastaihei-hgames.net/benefits-of-vip/


2/ Visit our Patre0n, select the Tier you want to support: https://rebrand.ly/ec5099


3/ After we've received your support, we will send the download link of ALL the content (based on your selected tier) to the email that you've used to support us, as soon as we can!


4/ Don't be shy to send us a message if you haven't received your rewards via email, we're here to help.


Thank you so much! (โยดโ—ก`โ)